Biggest Threat & To Independent, Goodbye [Fed] - Episode 1692a

in auto-sales •  3 months ago

Car sales around the world are plunging, especially the European market. Housing permits and starts have declined once again and this follows mortgages imploding on themselves. The debt level is skyrocketing and there is no way to stop it, this is part of the plan to get the central bank system to crash. Trump confirms that the Fed is the biggest threat to the American people.

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Thanks again, Dave. A Reset is easier said than done.

What would the USA looks like without the FED

I hope you’re right about trump & the Fed 👍

▶ The Trump - Mnuchin - US Treasury Collusion With Goldman Sachs & banking cartel Exposed!

The Collapse of the U.S. Federal Reserve Has Started? Really?

Looks like USA 🇺🇸 corporation is being invaded from the south❓ And WHERE is our military that’s supposed to protect our borders⁉️ Yeah ......your that fucking stupid Americans .