Part 3 [7 Homeopathic Cases]: Autism - Steroid Detox Treatment

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In the case I'm going to describe below, it was the very beginning of our work.  

If I think detoxes are needed, I *always* start with a steroid detox  [of different length and depth] if the child has had steroids [in utero even, as prematurely born children often have], or either parent had a lot of steroids.  I find this can really open up cases so that children can heal well.  

I also regret whenever I haven't detoxed steroid as I see stronger aggravations and fewer gains with subsequent homeopathic detoxes.  

I'll also do this when the child has been largely unresponsive to classically prescribed homeopathic remedies.    
Another remedy I use in preparation for children who have *no* response to well chosen homeopathic remedies is thuja.  This can clear a case so that the child can start to respond.  I had one 19 year old autistic patient who had a life history of non-response.  He responded to thuja.  

Here's a lovely testimonial of a 9 year old boy with autism, describing his gains from a homeopathic steroid detox & homeopathic opium.  

I'll let his mother tell the story as she tells it so joyously, pointing out that her son gained what we often take for granted in our neuro-typical children.  :-D

If you have a child struggling with autistic spectrum symptoms you may wish to book a 15 minute chat with me here: 

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