Time to walk around Rax in Austria

in #austria4 months ago

I have a busy day ahead. First I have to drive (or my wife) for quite some hours, then take the Raxbahn to get from 500 meters to 1500 meters, then we are to walk about 11km before we are ready to relax on the top of Rax. I know this is nothing to complain about as it is a fantastic program. That is why I do not really complain, but I just know that today will be quite busy and that we need to get going quite early in the morning in order for this to suit nicely into the program of the day.

I might say luckily, but I am not sure if I really consider it to be positive, we will take the Raxbahn to the top instead of walking to the top. I must say that it is more convenient, but it isn't necessarily better. One of the funniest parts of such trips is climbing the mountain and enjoying the walk to the top. It is tiring, but it makes the experience of reaching the top so much better.

Anyway, tomorrow we will focus on walking around the top instead of getting to the top, and I do look forward to it a lot. I have been to Rax once before, and I visited Schneeberg a few weeks ago, so I guess this means that I am starting to gather some experience in walking the mountains of the lower alps in the eastern part of Austria.

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