How to get an IP address in Australia?

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Do you want to go down under, at least virtually? It isn't hard at all to get an IP address in Australia, so read on and surf as a virtual Australian in a few moments from now.


Australia is known for its beautiful nature, the opera house in Sidney and kangaroos (and of course lots of other stuff). When people who have lived there for a long time move away from the country this can lead to abstinence's, especially as they face blocks and regulations telling them that certain online content is only available to people with an actual IP address in Australia. So, how can you get an Austrian IP address, thus bypassing such limitations and making all online content available to you, even though you stay outside the nation?

Get an Australian IP in ten minutes

If you are willing to spend some American Dollars, then the best way to get an Australian IP address it to make a subscription to a VPN service like ExpressVPN. They have several servers in Australia, and once connected to any of these servers you will get an Australian IP address and online content earlier blocked will be opened up and made available to you.

What happens when connecting to a VPN is that all your Internet activity will be run through a VPN server in Australia, thus making it look like you actually surf the web from that server in Australia. The connection between your computer and that server is encrypted, thus protecting all your information and data. So, it is both safe and working great at the same time.

Australian IP - step by step

  1. Visit the website of ExpressVPN and make a subscription
  2. Download their free VPN software
  3. Connect to one of their servers in Australia
  4. Restart Firefox (or whatever browser you use)
  5. Check your IP address - You are now surfing with an Australian IP
It sounds easy. It is easy! Go ahead and try yourself!
Why would you need an Australian IP address?
Maybe the best example is if you want to watch Network Ten with their Tenplay service from abroad. If you try to watch it while outside Australia all you will see is black videos that will not start. But, once you get an Australian IP address this will change and you will be able to watch the different programs available again.
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