I found ANOTHER australian exchange that accepts Steem!

in australia •  2 years ago  (edited)

I just discovered Coinspot - an Australian exchange that allows you to buy and sell Steem using Aussie Dollars!

I actually contacted them to ask them to add Steem - only to discover they already supported it .
You have to select a buy or sell option from the main menu, then "view all coins" before getting these options :

Buy Steem for Aussie Dollars at coinspot.com.au/buy/steem


Sell Steem for Aussie Dollars at coinspot.com.au/sell/steem

The buy and sell pages look like this, just select an amount of Steem or Aussie dollars and tap buy .


Unfortunately since I haven't verified my account, I wasn't able to screenshot the last stage of the buy/sell process :(


These are the verification requirements before you can trade on coinspot :


That's a bit much for me personally, but not everyone is bothered by having to give this much information.


With the instant buy and sell services for Steem there are no per trade fees, all fees are included in the listed (competitive) price . There are no additional deposit or withdrawal fees.


Payment Methods

Incoming Australian Dollar deposits are processed quickly using POLIpayments - available by most major Australian and NZ banks as well as Australia Post.

Outgoing Australian Dollar withdrawals are regular direct bank deposits to your account.

Give it a try

If you'd like to try out coinspot because you saw this post , please consider using my referall code WNMM8 to register.

I'll get a small commission on trades you make (it costs you the same either way) - More info

All previous links to coinspot have no referral code - only this one.

Have you used coinspot for Steem trades ? How was it ?

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Great. More adoption = bigger price. I like it!

How i wish West African countrie Adopt this thing right away🤔

Steem it all over the world!

I've been using coinspot for about a month now. As a newbie, its been really easy to use.....too easy really, and i have had no dramas at all. I have bought, sold, deposited and withdrawn.
They have a great affiliate program too......if anyone wants my link let me know. I don't want to hijak this post 😨
But overall very happy with its ease of use and there has been nothing about it that has given cause for alarm. Good review of the site. 😊

I just saw the Steem price on the exchange and nearly spat my coffee out. Then realized it was in AUD.

Still awesome that there is more exchanges accepting Steem!

That's next months usd price :P

Yeah I don't think it will be long before Steem has a $1 Billion market cap!

Look forward to writing about that one :D

Please do write as soon as possible. I am waiting for that post..

Next months usd price will be near 5$ ;)

Yeah. That was my reaction too. :-)

Thank you your post

I use coinspot too.

Thanks. I've heard a bit about Coinspot but not looked any closer.

yes ...steem is more and more popular
... FaceBook be aware ...steem is coming

It seems a good platform.Gonna register.
You have really discovered a great thinv. I know only one I.e poloniex.. do you know any other except these 2

Steem is currently traded on at least Poloniex , Bittrex , Changelly, Shapeshift , Coinspot , LiveCoin , HitBTC , Tidex , BitSquare and soon they'll be on livingroomofsatoshi as well :)


Coinspot has now earned quite a few votes of confidence here on steemit. Interesting as I was just tonight researching steem exchange options so this is good to know. Thanks @ausbitbank.

Nice I hadnt seen other people mention it but I just did some searches.. Good to know others have found it already, I had no idea :P

Will they accept these...

Good to know that there is another one locally.

Yay there's more! :D

The stuff they're asking is a bit full on for me so might hang about and wait for Living Room of Satoshi.

But it's still cool, I'm not used to having options XD

Wow, I hadn't known about this. I was paying a ton of fee's transferring between multiple avenues, thank you so much! https://www.livingroomofsatoshi.com is unbelievable too, have you had experience with it @ausbitbank?

No worries :)
Living room of satoshi is awesome, I've used them a heap for BTC trades and a few days ago they confirmed they are adding STEEM too ! :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm so shocked, I'll definitely be using them from now onwards!

glad to find such a tool - in Europe there's still people thinking BITCOIN is a play station game... and dreaming about how great it is... in Australia - they actually did it already. Thank you @ausbitbank for link

Steem is just blossoming @ausbitbank

It's great how steem is spreading. This will no doubt legitimise it more and bring it more mainstream, thereby increasing its value - which is good news for all of us

Awesome! Are there any merchants that accept STEEM? Or is that even a possibility yet?

I haven't seen any accepting it directly in aus yet , but once livingroomofsatoshi finishes their integration you can basically use any online shop that takes BPAY or bank transfer :D

Nice! And thanks. That's a good site to know about. :)

I noticed you're doing a good amount of development w/ Steem related sites. Is a good starter link for learning about how to do that sort of thing? If you know - Thank you. :)

This is a work in progress but a good collection https://steemit.github.io/devportal/

Thank you!!!

The spirit of steemit is spreading all over the world and soon all humanity will know about us !!! (Arm with muscle) (arm with muscle). Very good news, my friend! I hope you have a good Sunday

Wow that's really cool. Didn't know about them. Will check them out now, and definitely use your referral code.

Useful information, thank you!
Would you please keep us update after the verification ?

I'm not going to verify with those requirements, but others here have vouched for their service.

I was pretty impress that you found the first one now a second one in the same country, your country! That's awesome!

Good news for Australian steemit users otherwise we have to exchange to btc then btc to native currency lot of fees.

Cool! I hope there will be also more plastic cards or portable and safe wallets in the future!

Thanks for the information! Useful links.

nice....your post deserve my upvote and resteem....

Australia always was and is awesome!
Coinspot must have faith in STEEM and see it as a viable 'coin or token', now we must spread that message to the world.


cheers heaps informative and that

Thats nice :)

We love STEEM

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Very good posts from you @ausbitbank
I like it ^_°
Upvote & Resteem this posts.

Interesting post. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I strongly advice people to only buy in to cryptos that have a solid background: A solid team, product, advisors, preferably VC investors, etc. Sell all cryptos that don't have this solid background. It's a waiste of money. This is quite an interesting website I found: https://www.coincheckup.com Amazing opportunities came to light when I started using this coins to analyze cryptos.

CoinSpot is a trusted Australian cryptocurrency exchange, that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency. CoinSpot has Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and maybe other altcoins on there exchange for trading with AUD. CoinSpot also regularly lission to the community and adds new coins when the community asks for them to be added. CoinSpot also has a fully functional wallet for each coin on there exchange, free of charge. If you would like find out more and trade cryptocurrency with AUD please click this link: https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=DZYBY Thank You, looking forward to seeing you join the CoinSpot community!

I wish I saw this before. 1 Steem is nearly $6AU now. They are giving me grief in regards to verification though. You have to take a photo of your driver's licence making sure there are no shadows or interference with the hologram. My application has been rejected nearly 10 times already while they were being pedantic about the whole thing.

This last application will be my last and then I will think about another way of buying steem.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hey mate @ausbitbank, do you know the process to withdraw Steem and SBD directly from my Steemit savings account to AUD on COINSPOT?
Or must I go through another wallet to convert the Steem or SBD to another crypto first?

  ·  last year (edited)

Lately my Steem to AUD process goes via binance or bittrex to get into other cryptos, then paidbycoins.com to send it as AUD to a regular bank or pay a bill with BPAY.
I'm not that familiar with coinspot because of their verification process, but if the goal is just to get AUD on coinspot you could just sell the steem there directly..

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks so much for this info mate.
I'm still learning that process and as I'm bringing new people to STeemit (as well as been harassing my mate Hugo the poet to get back in. Couldn't believe it when Krystle told me you set up his account! Small world!) But he and others have asked me this particular question of withdrawal.
Some of us, including Hugo, got bitten in the arse by the USI-Tech Bitcoin scam,
so I need to know what to do and have done it myself before explaining it to others.
I guess, I should just simplify it for myself and follow your process.
Thanks again...
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy