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RE: Announcement: STEEMBAY is working NOW.

in #auction4 years ago

Well sir it's very interesting but I have many question regarding this, I can't understand what are the benefit of someone if buying this post made by other,and how would I be benefit from it


It works just like ebay...
You make a post with a pic and a description
decline payout (optional) and use the #steembay
The item will be sold
The buyer sends you the money (SBD)
You send him the item or the service

Guess that's pretty simple.
As everything is on the blockchain, you probably could use the data for a legal issue, if it does not work out as expected.

And what happen if I had send sbd to the other person and he does not delivered me the product for which this auction has been done

Steemit is based on trust. I would not send anything to a person that I don't trust... Same as on ebay. Either I would not send SBD to an untrusted person. There are already escrow services available on Steemit. We plan on automating those, too. Needs some further development, though.

My sincere congratulations to both of you having this up and running. Undoubtedly a big piece of work and time that went into it!

THX means much to me!

Ok my friend but how could I judge other person that he is fake or a genuine person.

We all have reputation points here that can help guide you. High rep accounts are less likely to scam as they probably are well established here and would just hurt their income here by scamming someone.

But as said, it's still based on trust, anyone could scam you so don't do high value transfers at first is my suggestion.

That's a possible approach. I will reach out to the escrow guys or build something on my own...

You can't ...
Escrow will help, also knowing people will help.

Okk I will looking forward to how it would work .