One More Step In My Attitude Change on Steem

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As a red fish or small minnow, every little push forward you get is a morale boost to stay on the course, despite the often insignificant payouts.

Services which help minnows grow or those who provide a vote with a higher SP than the one you delegated to them can/could really help you on your way, if you weren't on the radar of big voters.

And they helped me. And for that I thank them!

However I felt many times I needed to step up my game to deserve more. It's more like a change in mentality I needed.

I was not ready to give up the "security" of these small daily votes, and see what happens.

I have thought about it several times before HF21, but only after I decided to recall pretty much all of my delegations (some of which to important projects I still value a lot). I think all of the remaining delegations had some sort of incentive to keep, from voting my content to distributing dividends.

I'm not saying here that delegating to projects or people is wrong, because SP delegation is one of the most powerful tools of growth on Steem.

Strangely though, if as an average minnow I felt large enough to start delegating left and right, now as a newly raised dolphin, I feel so... small.

I realize now more than I did before apparently that I need to grow myself enough first, before I will be able to help others more with my votes, SP delegations or RC delegations in the future. And after HF21, having more SP in one accounts helps.

I hope that makes sense.

And maybe that's one reason why large stakeholders are reluctant to give big votes to many small accounts at the beginning of their journey. They want to see that you don't waste your rewards / STEEM Power.

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That is the reason I don't delegate any of my steem power, you need them to grow your account in the first place.

Yup, I needed a wake up call as well. It's not like we don't share along the way in our growth. With good curation we do that every day.

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