SUNDAY FUNDAY - wimkandwoo

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Sunday Funday  by winkandwoo

Dedicated to Atom Collector Records

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People make a lot of fuss about that so called Friday Feeling
But the weekend don't start until the Saturday nights are through.

Sunday Funday It's the One Day I'm with You.

When the working week is dragging and it's only Monday or Tuesday
I now turn to the music on the Radio that we play.

Sunday Funday It's the One Day I'm with You.

Come and join the party , don't you know all the crew will be there
And when JUXTA DJs all the sounds will be off the charts.

Sunday Funday It's the One Day I'm with You.

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winkandwoo is predominantly a songwriter using different styles to portray a mood .

winkandwoo is not genre specific .

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Great stuff mate love it , sunday fundays are the best

sending some $trdo

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thanks deggsy

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Hello winkandwoo!

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Fantastic tribute to our fantastic community!

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Thank you for the information.

thank you jux

I never have a Friday feeling or hear anyone mention it. Might be because it is more common to work on Saturdays and Sundays too? I wish you a great day. 💕

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ha that is basically what the song is saying too i feel your pain

I really hope you don't feel my pain. 💕

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great fun song mate, love it, but who is this wiMkandwoo is he an imposter :P

ha thanks for pointing that out , thats what happens when i try and rush out a post before i go to work , not enough coffee

he he

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