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About Atheroes
Athero is a platform for future sponsors built on the blockchain Ethereum. The mission is to build a better world through technology. THO is a global open source and decentralized supercomputer that can be accessed by anyone.

Blockchain technology has the potential to create new businesses and provide measurable benefits to the public and private sectors. To unlock this potential, Athero designed it to overcome the main problem and limit the exchange of skills and data integrity in the smart product chain. With data from smart packages increasingly fragmented, scalability and cost implications of distributed solutions are now becoming apparent.

A set of markets and finance.

THO's main goal is to become a complete solution and provide various services from the market and finance. Customers, both corporate and private, access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the opportunity to develop your finances faster with better returns.

Promote demand through adoption.

The concept of smart city. (IoT)

Wi-Fi broadband network ready. Discover the whole world in smart cities.
Intelligent parking technology (independent sensor networks can be detected in various areas, through magnetic fields, whether parking or space)
Smart and healthy environment (network with atmospheric pollution sensors, radio / gsm / wifi sensors focused on health impacts)
We are looking for practical applications. Athero will fill the empty space in the current economic model. Currencies that will continue to be big caps or big hats are those who really have different business use cases and value propositions for clients.

Features, characteristics
Modern cryptographic databases are hierarchical and hierarchical, providing unparalleled efficiency and eliminating failure points.
The Athero Partnership is a startup partner in various fields to bring blockchain technology used in the real world.
Athero's latest technology constantly seeks the latest technology standards and continues to expand its collaboration with international research organizations to keep technology safe and up-to-date.
Fast Expansion + Through Athero places an emphasis on web technology and makes the first approach to bring blockchain technology to the next application level.

Athero Global Summit
A hierarchical and advanced hierarchical hierarchy provides efficiency and eliminates a single point of failure.

Athero is a launch partner in various fields to present blockchain technology used in the real world.

Sharp technology
Athero constantly examines the latest technology standards and continues to expand its collaboration with international research organizations to keep technology safe and up-to-date.

Expansion + Adoption
Atheroes focus on web technology and have the first cellular approach to bring blockchain technology to new adoption levels.

Athero Platform
The Athero Foundation is a sustainable public decentralization and decentralized IT infrastructure that focuses on growth and prosperity. Athero platform designed to increase trade by combining the Internet of Things and blockchain technology. Athero combines distributed operating systems with open blockchain, uses enterprise virtualization for corporate networks, and consensus algorithms to identify better offline solutions for information flow and procurement needs. product application.

Athero Blocktherain Protocol and Athero Tokens
THO is a coding currency from real currencies that is made to be integrated and used in the Athero network, for applications distributed on the network. Initially, the THO proposal was issued and implemented on the public Ethereum block of the ERC-20 block.

The Athero team will integrate the existing "wallet" function to maintain THO scales and allow users to use THO cards immediately after token activation. The Athero protocol was developed for implementation on the open source blockchain. In this scenario, the original ERC-20 THC will be traded at 1: 1 with the original THO released on the Athero blockchain.

Information for selling tokens
Starting: September 20, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 (GMT)
Deadline: January 20, 2019, Friday, 11:00 (GMT)
Softcap: $ 18,000,000
Currency exchange rate: 1 THO = 0.04 USD
Token: THO






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