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in atheism •  9 months ago

New word for you to consider-- Atelatheist (atel-atheist)

From atelo- (incomplete, imperfect), and atheist [a- (without) + theos (god)]

Someone who claims to be, or believes themselves to be, an atheist, but who still holds at least one superstitious belief in a godlike thing, religion, or organization. i.e. government.

Examples: almost every outspoken "atheist" in the "public sphere" today.



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Interesting new word you've invented there. I agree with you that many show a god like reverence for some leading people from their favourite institutions. And using the latin verb 'religare' meaning to hold back, to tie back as the derivative of the word 'religion', I would agree that statism is a religion as indeed is atheism.

I was also atheist but surely @liondani sir has a lot to bring that change in me..... He's one of the nicest person who will guide us.... He guided me and brought a significant change which helped me a lot

Ha-ha! You and your new words... :-)


It's a sickness.
But when I want a word to fit a concept, and one doesn't seem to exist...

Superb thought @dullhawk... We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further


But too many quickly establish Government as their new god.


May be....Great thought..


And in that case they are no longer atheists; they are atelatheists. ;)

information at its best thank you sir for leting me know about this word.

Thanks a lot for introducing "Atelatheist ".lots of information we can used to get sir from this blog posts,have a great day sir.

Great thoughts sir @dullhawk. You deeply exposed the truth.

Awesome blog post sir,very informative thanks a lot for sharing sir,have a great day.

informative post sir,amazing one sir,have a great day sir.

Thanks a lot sir very informative post.awesome work sir,keep posting.