Gathering Back to Childhood: How Did the Legendary Pistol in the Duck Hunt Game Work?

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 Gathering Back to Childhood: How Did the Legendary Pistol in the Duck Hunt Game Work? 

 If you did  not understand what we were talking about when you saw the question that  made up the head of our writing, you probably were not a child in the  '90s. You will still be curious about the fact that you are here. Then let's explain it immediately. 😁 

 For those of you who did not know, in the 90's Nintendo had a legendary game called "Duck Hunt". 

 I mean, "duck shoot". In  the vote, ducks appeared on the screen and you were trying to hit those  friends who were flying right and left on your screen. It was pleasant to see if you could shoot, but it was frustrating to see if your dog was curtailing. 

 This game had a serious difference from other Nintendo games of the time. 

 In the vote you shot the birds with the help of a toy gun. This  feature, which could be regarded as a great technology for that period,  has made Duck Hunt, which is really meaningless, very popular. Indeed, even after many years Nintendo's most successful 100 games will be ranked 77th place in this game. 

 Here is a question for us from those times: "How did those guns hit the ducks, what was the 

technology behind them?" 

 Come back to me. 

 The gun we used while playing the game was the production of Nintendo, just like the game itself. 

 The original name was NES Zapper and the "Light Gun" was in the group of labeled markers. Unlike  their current counterparts, these devices did not send light to the  screen, but they knew the light coming from the screen through a  photodiode on top of them. 

 How did it make sense to which part of the screen the gun was held? 

 Namely; when the trigger of the weapon was pulled, the screen fell for a moment and the diode began to perceive. Later, the screen was painted with bezela part by piece. When  the part of the screen looking at the weapon looked white, the diode in  the gun perceived the light, so it was understood where the gun was  held. 

 At this time the player generally did not notice anything, because everything was happening in the salicide. 

 After that, NES Zapper, every time the screen fell down, each target was sequenced in white light. Later, when the diode sensed the light, it seemed that the painted target was shot on the screen. The diode indicates that the target was hit on the machine; sequential painting of targets, allowing you to understand which target was shot. 

 This system has been used in the game world for many years, then left the place to the next generation of marking devices. 

 The most important reason for the system being defeated in time is the changes in the display technology

Here is the situation in summary, how good it was to play a hand now, right? 


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