Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest #16 || 'Creepy' - Abandoned grave

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This photo was taken in one of the most interesting cemeteries in Romania, Eternitatea (the Eternity) from Iasi city. The place is a beautiful display of architectural pieces and wonderful natural elements. Since this cemetery is more than 100 years old, many tombs are very old, some of them abandoned.


The above grave is placed in the center of the cemetery and it's surrounded by beautiful monuments. It has all the details of a long time ago abandoned stuff: rust, vegetation, no obituary on it.
The creepy thing, in my opinion, the chain and padlock. What is its purpose? To keep people or animals from entering or something else from exiting? I do believe, however, there is a good explanation for it but will reveal it only on demand. 🙂

The photo was taken by me and performed some basic edits in order to add some drama.

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I feel that a very mistirious story is hidden there.????

No. It's closed in order to prevent people to throw garbage in it (dried flowers, used candles etc.). 🙂