An Old Adventure - The Love Shack

Hello Steemians!

Today I am going to bring to you a short story about the following picture as part of the #aswcontenst. This adventure holds a very dear place in my memories, so I hope you enjoy!


The above picture is of the Love Shack, which is an abandoned shack my friends and I found while kayaking on our first ever group camping trip. Imagine - eight guys, right before we all head off to college, living for a week at a campground in Vermont (our next camping trip was less structured as this one, but this was a good start for us). What an incredible way to strengthen our bonds and enjoy each other's company!

We honestly stumbled upon the Love Shack by chance. As we were kayaking across the lake and down a little side alcove, we wanted to find a place to eat our lunch. One of my friends spotted something along the bank as we were boating by, so we docked our kayaks on some really sketchy rocks (yes, one of us fell into the lake) and stumbled upon this place lost in time.

Now, among all the broken beer bottles and random broken furniture, the Love Shack really had character. It was a shame the place was falling apart, as it could've been a great place to camp out. It was secluded, warm, and had a perfect view of the shimmering lake.

It's been two years since we camped there and stumbled upon this place, and seeing this picture I wonder how many people have seen this place since. We had a blast, walking around singing the song Love Shack and eating our lunch.

I look forward to many more camping adventures in the future! And, hopefully, we can be lucky enough to stumble upon something lost in time like the Love Shack again.

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