[EN] The Solitude Chair – Entry for Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest – №.16 – 'Creepy!'

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This is my entry for @customnature's Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest – №.16. Its theme: 'Creepy!'.

The Solitude Chair


A single chair waiting in the depth of the abandoned military outpost in Wünsdorf, formerly known as 'Little Moscow'.
Once a military station to the German Wehrmacht it was later occupied by the Soviet forces. Around 75,000 men, women and children were living in the many buildings of the complex.

Trennlinie Stacheln.png


Pitchblack darkness. Our head lamps were our trusted companions. The map reads "Operation Berlin".

Trennlinie Stacheln.png


Someone's patiently gazing into the void.

Trennlinie Stacheln.png

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