Visiting space in the future might become an issue with our "Space Junk" belt

in astronomy •  10 months ago

We've made some incredible technological space advancements particularly with our low orbit and colonization of it so to speak. Our Low orbit contains all of our satellites and various stations that power most of our modern day communications.

With this has come a pending issue and has created a massive amount of debris which can account for now over 100million pieces of "space junk" floating in our low orbit.

Here is a great video which shows in greater detail exactly the problem we've created.

At some point our human race will need to effectively clean this pollution or it very well could severely hamper our future cosmos exploration.

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Good post

This post very nice ..Thanks for sharing this post ..

Your post is so educating though my phone can't play this video but I will find a better way to watch it

It would be great to see man flying in space as easy as riding a bus now. I'm just not sure if I'm still alive that time so I think I won't bother myself much about it now.

This is really a big problem!
The floating junk fills the earth orbit.
This include thousands old engine parts, dead satellites and electronic junk pieces leaved by collisions.
Something should be done right away!


I just remembered the George Clooney starrer Gravity... It showed what space junk can do

Thanks, I've seen your video to give you such a blog and this is a tutorial video

Well, either giant space net or giant magnet . Or maybe a gigantic magnetic net.