Who Wants to Discuss / Learn About Astrology?

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Seeking Opinions


I have been teaching astrology, tarot and general witchy classes for years now. I am finding that students in the last few years often know more about astrology than those did in the past. I attribute this to Google and easier to access information. I know that when I started out, I wasn't always able to look up information that people taught me. I had to go to the library or pay some internet cafe per minute to be able to log online and ask other randos.

Times Have Changed

Esoteric information of all kind has increasingly become more attainable and for the person that wants to research concepts or ideas for themselves, finding accurate information isn't hard. That being said, it requires a person to be dedicated and focused on finding information that is credible.

That being said, since the basics are easy enough to find... but people have kept asking to take a class, I would like to see what kinds of things people want out of learning experiences. Do you want to be able to compare with other students? Are you looking for one on one sessions? Would the basics, posted as classes work for you - so you have one place to go back and reference? Do you prefer videos and instructionals as compared to reading?

Right now, I am looking to get more organized and I have come to realize that there is a new world order when it comes to teaching and technology, so right now, I am just kind of seeking what people are wanting so that I can reformat my classes, revamp the process and create a community that will be beneficial to everyone.

Open to Suggestions!

Please leave any suggestions or ideas here.

Blessed Be ~ Rohanna

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