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Astrology of the Sturgeon Full Moon August 26th 2018

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4.16 am Pacific, 7.16 am Eastern, 12.16 pm Universal time.

What a Full Moon we have this weekend!
This Full Moon takes place at 3˚ 12' of Pisces and is known as the Sturgeon Full Moon (also the Dog Days, Grain or lightning Moon).

When the sturgeon comes into our lives as a totem it's said to be a reminder to tap into grace to navigate our emotions in rough waters. And we are in rough waters through this lunation.

Sturgeon is not 'a fish' but rather a family of 27 species fish whose evolution dates back over 200 million years. This is ancient energy and we'll be feeling every.little.bit of it this weekend.

The main aspect configuration on this lunation is a kite that includes the Moon/Sun opposition and brings in sextiles from the Moon to Rx Saturn in Capricorn and Rx Uranus in Taurus. An earth Grand Trine with the Pisces Moon at the apex.
Pisces Moon is all about intuition, creativity, compassion, surrender and releasing.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 12.20.10 PM.pngOne thing that's interesting is the sextiles to Saturn and Uranus from the Moon. Saturn and Uranus are the old and modern rulers of Aquarius a sign that is strangely both conservative and forward thinking and both these planets are retrograde.
We are moving into the Age of Aquarius from the Age of Pisces and we have an almost 24 hour void Moon in Aquarius leading into this lunation after series of Eclipses on the South Node in Aquarius and a Mars Rx that began in Aquarius.

That's a lot of Aquarian energy that we are both releasing and getting used to.

We are being asked to move away from the shadowy traits of Aquarius of yielding to peer pressure and of not giving our heart to others so that we can begin to truly find our real selves and, thereby, our true tribe.

We are being asked to move towards actually relating to others fully as individuals and move away from the societally imposed rules of Capricorn and radically shift towards the natural laws of the universe.

Rx Saturn and Rx Uranus are coming together on this lunation to ask you to go within and create YOUR rules to live by and Pisces is giving you the ability to release all that is stopping you.

And the Virgo Sun is asking you to bring all of this into practical application.

Mars stations direct the day after the Full Moon meaning that there is a lot of anxiety and/or exhaustion going around. I have heard a few people say they can't do this any more. It's bone tiredness.

Once mars begins to pick up speed direct things will begin to ease though we are not out of the woods of this change energy yet. But there will be times of exhilaration and tiredness.

Mars stationing so close to the Full Moon adds to the intensity but there is more. We also have a Venus/Pluto square bringing in more transformative pressure and Black Moon Lilith is conjunct that Aquarius South Node. Plus, we have a Fire Grand Trine as well as the Earth Grand Trine. This one includes Eris in Aries, Pallas Athena in Leo and Vesta in Sagittarius bringing in Goddess phoenix energy with an emphasis on taking her rightful place in world as the patriarchy burns down.
That's a lot of information so to sum up. Over this lunation the energies are very, very heightened and intoxicating. There will be those who feel bone tired, some will be 'losing it' and there will be a lot of escapism.

Some healthy escapism is okay for a while but if you wish to navigate these energies in the healthiest way possible spend time in nature, in prayer, in meditation and in quiet.

Ask the universe to help you to release all the 'should's' of society that no longer serve you or that limit you from achieving your soul's potential. Ak that you are given the strength to fulfill your creative potential.

Then take aligned action and get to work to make it real (Sun in Virgo).
So much Love
Louise ❤

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