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Venus in Scorpio until October 21 -- #1

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Pink is a Venus color.
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The pleasure principle

In Astrology, Venus rules the pleasure principle in all of us -- the things we enjoy, the things we think it takes to be happy. For most people that comes down to "love and money."

They think if those things are working well in their lives, everything else will just fall into place. Like most simple solutions to complex issues, this one doesn't hold up in real life. But somehow the legend lives on.

Yes, love and money play a huge role in the Venus concerns of your life, but as I've explained in some of the other pieces I've written, those things are almost a parody of what Venus really rules ... and to reduce her interests down to just those two categories is a disservice to some of her other important concerns -- such as romance, desire, sexuality, fertility, abundance, art, culture, beauty and satisfaction ... and the management of material assets.


Purple is a Scorpio color.
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Things of value

I've said before that Venus defines "things of value" -- and that's a much better description of what her energy brings to you. As the ruler of Taurus, she's involved with money, certainly. Everyone needs access to that to survive.

So she gives information about how you're built to acquire income, how you're apt to manage it, the kinds of possessions that appeal to you, and the role of aesthetics and comfort in your engagement with Life.


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All kinds of connections

As the ruler of Libra, Venus also reveals how you're built to manage the relationships in your life. Cancer deals with kinfolks and family ties. Aquarius covers casual friendships, professional colleagues and like-minded thinkers who are in line with your philosophy about life and the future.

Libra takes care of the intimate partnerships -- like marriage partners and significant others, business partners, best friends, legal alliances of all kinds, and your connection to the general public. Connections which are like another half of you are Libra's territory. Sometimes it's up to you to decide just where a certain person fits in all these possibilities for human bonding.


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Different interests / different perspectives

As Venus travels through the different signs -- and she covers them all in the course of a year -- she brings up different pieces of business you need to work out with your close personal partners, different needs you'll want them to meet, different perspectives on how you view them and your working alliance.

It's no wonder relationships get "complicated" when you consider all this. During the course of a year, you'll ask your partner to be many different things -- to satisfy different roles in your life. And while no one can be all things to all people, you kind of expect the person you love to be that for you. Sometimes this works well ... and sometimes it doesn't.


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Renew? Or replace?

A relationships that often falls short of your expectations or that doesn't consistently rise to the level of what you want and need in a partner may be up for replacement. Sadly, this happens. Sometimes it's clear to both people it's time to move on -- and sometimes the separation is wrenching.

When Venus travels through Scorpio -- regardless of events in the outside world -- it marks the time when a lot of these decisions are made. When the final conversation begins, "I've been unhappy for a long time now ..." ... it was often in the last transit of Venus through Scorpio that the thought, "It's time to end this" appeared.


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Not a good match

Venus is not comfortable in Scorpio. The planet of bonding and union doesn't match up well at all with the sign of dissolution and death. And yet, Scorpio is a vital part of creativity's cycle. It's the editing phase where you either refine what exists -- or rip it up and start over. To slot a once-loving relationship into the that kind of thinking can sound merciless, cruel and cold. But again ... it happens.

Along with Scorpio's notorious alignment with "sex and death," there are many shadings of business which makes Scorpio one of the Zodiac's most complex signs. Essentially Scorpio is about refinement and renewal. It aims to improve everything it touches -- even when that means breaking a thing down into its basic raw materials and rebuilding from scratch. Relationships often don't survive this kind of treatment. It can be pretty brutal.


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Combining assets

But Scorpio is also about investments -- in the broadest sense of that word. It's an invitation to join your assets, talents and labor with that of others who have different resources to contribute to the creation of something that needs all these elements to exist (everyone's donation and input) ... and is able to return a profit to all the partners that is greater than they could have built on their own.

Scorpio is about the advantages of working together, building together, focusing joint effort on a common target. This kind of enterprise can construct something really impressive. But the harsh truth is ... this kind of venture is only as strong as its weakest links -- and sometimes those weak links aren't up to the task.


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For the sake of improvement

When that happens, others in the project can either try to compensate for these weaker members and shore up their efforts (often by increasing their own time and labor) -- or they can arrange to replace them. This is often the more sensible choice. But if emotions are involved, it may be very upsetting. So Venus in Scorpio can be a challenging time of reassessment and change -- that isn't easy on anyone.

But if partners do the work demanded now -- and grow, or refocus, or change, or replace or do whatever is needed ... they can all move on, stronger for this time of refinement. Whatever happens, they will have changed. They will be different. It may take considerable time in some cases to see this, too -- but they will be better for the experiences that came in the exacting transit of Venus in Scorpio.


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This one has a lot of food for thought. Thank you for presenting all of these influences so clearly!