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Mercury on his way out of Pisces formed
the departing sextile with Pluto in Capricorn.
This aspect formed at 23°.


The theme of this pattern

Changing how you think, how you understand things around you
-- and as a result changing your choices and long-term projects.


Who are the players
and what are they doing?

Mercury = your intellectual self, your ability to make decisions and choices, your ability to learn and work with information, your ability to understand (or interpret) what's happening ... and make sense of life

Pluto = profound changes, radical transformation, the relentless process of death and resurrection, discarding what doesn't work and replacing or improving it

Departing sextiles = working with new knowledge and information, learning helpful everyday stuff, inventing new ways to look at and work with what you know, new ideas & data points to collect that you acquire in casual everyday contact -- things you read, conversations you have, light research, opinions or knowledge you share with others.


What's happening?

Mercury sextile to Pluto indicates you've reached an interesting turning point in how you think and how you work with things you've recently learned or discovered. This is a very focused, energized mind with a no-nonsense attitude that is determined to find the truth about some things that have puzzled and confused you -- possibly for quite some time ... or to work with the truths and facts you've uncovered.

This combination is skilled at finding the story-behind-the-story ... and as a result, you will come to understand things about yourself, your situation and Life ... differently. There is a clarity here that can be priceless -- especially when coupled with your new determination to get to the facts.

You may have realized -- or finally admitted -- something you've tried to avoid ... or refused to see ... for a long time. If so, it may change your whole way of looking at a particular situation. You may also have changed the way you view or think of yourself. You may finally understand some of the talents, strengths and creative abilities you've discounted -- or see things you need to strengthen or improve -- or discard -- in order to move forward.


This combination could persuade you to finally act on these insights instead of glossing over them. It could greatly influence the choices you make, the targets you set and the way you judge your own abilities. It could prompt you to try things that once seemed out of reach.

It could encourage you to say (or think) things that once were too bold or "forbidden." It could also help you decide to abandon some project or goal that was never "really you" in the first place -- and come up with a better way to invest yourself and your skills.

As you see yourself differently, you may also fathom your own motives and behavior more honestly. Understanding why you've thought or done things may help you accept them and work with them to reach a better result. You may see why you've deceived and hindered yourself -- even lied to yourself. (Or how other people accomplished this for you.) This could be the key that unlocks a whole lot of options you wouldn't consider before.

You may correct mistakes and perceptions that have harmed both you and your relationships -- and, of course, this will improve what exists ... and what comes next. You may adjust faulty thinking and misunderstandings -- which will insure better choices in the future. Pluto's transformative power suggests this business is important to your development.


These changes in perception will change the way you act and the choices you make -- and even little decisions can add up to a major course correction when you pile them together. It will change your trajectory so that you're back on track to a more authentic destination. You will feel more aligned and more comfortable with where you know you are heading ... as a result.

Again, some of this may not seem so momentous as it happens. It's the overall weight -- the totality of it -- that's important. Work with this to put yourself in a better situation -- because that's its whole purpose. It will be another year before we meet this aspect again. Think of what you could achieve in the meantime!


What to expect?

  • Coming up with ideas, information, answers, etc., that measurably change or improve your perceptions
  • "Cutting to the chase" in the way you think, speak, write, etc. -- very succinct and to the point in what you say
  • Understanding yourself better -- especially when it comes to your talents and strengths ... and your shortcomings
  • Admitting the truth about things you've tried to ignore, excuse, rationalize or explain away
  • Added depth and intensity to how you think, the kinds of things you think about and study, and the way you share what you know
  • Unusual interest in mysteries, intrigue, criminal activities, occult subjects (Pluto is about uncovering hidden knowledge and it's certainly willing to take on these topics)


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Oooh this hit me right in the feels.

Not only have I recently decided to redevote time to the steemit community, I've been really aware of how much I have held back saying things that really need to be fleshed out.

I recently reopened some of my social media accounts and am quite controversial, in a loving accessible way, but I have already had huge responses of gratitude for opening spaces for conversations and hard facts that need to be seen.

Pluto, get it!! Thanks so much for sharing these insights @enchantedspirit. That departing sextiles information is new for me 🙌

I definitely have been feeling like I am understanding my roles in life more clearly than ever in the past few weeks - as a mom, an artist, and an editor. Mostly, it's me realizing that I actually do know what I'm doing most of the time and I should stop beating myself up... (I don't let on, but I suffer from imposter syndrome).

This all certainly sounds like good change, so here's hoping that I can make the most of the information that's presenting itself (and will hopefully continue to unfold as this pattern moves...

Clarity is always appreciated. 😊

It sure beats the alternative.

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