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The Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
Mercury moves behind The Sun

Mercury has moved behind the Sun for a while, marking another milestone in his current retrograde cycle. He'll turn around and start moving direct on March 28 at 16°, but he'll be playing catch up until May 21 -- about 5 hours after the Sun enters Gemini! (That's a long time in this position when you think about it -- the tail-end of Pisces and all of Aries and Taurus!)

The conjunction here in Pisces occurred at 24° -- FWIW. If you have Natal Planets that aspect that point, it forecasts an especially active time for you intellectually in the matters ruled by the house where this Pisces conjunction occurred and those ruled by the house(s) that the aspecting planet(s) occupy and rule. Those are different for everyone, which is why Astrology can get ... well, ... complicated.

Here's what it looked like to an Astrologer.


In next few weeks you'll become more contemplative, spend more time in planning and research, thoughtfully consider what you've learned recently ... and what you want to do next with yourself, your life, your interests, and your mind.

With Mercury in a trailing position, you will be more observant and less talkative, more intuitive and less expressive, more compassionate and less candid with your opinions.

With Mercury trailing the Sun, your thoughts become more visionary, fantasies about your future dreams may supplant active "data gathering," and your intuition is sharper ... by a long shot. You'll talk less and listen more, observe rather than offer information or comment, and keep your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge to yourself.

This is a time to digest, ruminate, and create ... "doing research" as opposed to giving (or soliciting) advice. All this, of course, is "still you" ... but you've gone into your quiet mode for a while.


The theme of this pattern is

Taking your ideas, information sources, and means of
expressing yourself under advisement for several weeks
and reworking them into something more appropriate
to your needs, desires and present-day conditions.


In General ...

When The Sun conjuncts Mercury, willpower, self-image, your sense of purpose, and your intellectual ambitions unite with your ability to think, reason and analyze, and use what you know. You're focused on thinking, speaking, and writing about things that interest you, subjects you want to know more about ... things you want to examine further.

This blend boosts intellectual creativity ... especially as described by the sign where the conjunction occurs and applied to the concerns of the house where this conjunction falls in your Natal Chart.

This energy does invite people to get wrapped up their own opinions, in pride issues ... and personal views ... and treat disagreements like personal attacks. The close bond between ego and opinions hinders objectivity, but the mental brilliance, stamina, and opportunities to use knowledge and information productively, combined with your ability to make your point is truly awesome.


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