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Mercury in Pisces has formed
the departing square with Jupiter in Sagittarius.


The theme of this pattern

Excessive enthusiasm, unworkable expectations,
overblown promises, taking on lots more than you can handle.


Who are the players?

Mercury = the Inner Self who helps you work with information, generate ideas, interpret sensory input -- what your five senses tell you -- and understand what it all means -- or at least what it means to you so you can manage your life.

Jupiter shares many interests with Mercury. Jupiter = abstract thinking, higher learning, sophisticated ideas and concepts, The Big Picture perspective -- and flamboyant self-confidence.

Departing squares = problems with your foundations, weaknesses in the platform you're planning to build on, serious discrepancies between your history and what's going on in the present, trying to satisfy conflicting demands without having enough of whatever it takes to do so.


What's happening?

Ok. Last time I wrote about the virtues of Mercury sextile Saturn ---> realistic thinking, good planning, able to concentrate and focus. Now, we run into the opposite of that fine, conservative approach to getting things done and solving problems. Mercury square to Jupiter is thinking and optimism gone wild.

With a stabilizing aspect to Saturn on one side of this, however, and another from Pluto on the other, this may not be the disaster it usually threatens to be. You can get past this without going well off the rails ... but do be aware that it's out there.

Mercury square Jupiter is an energy of exaggerated confidence, grandiose thinking and inflated, unrealistic ideas. But it's enough to get you all fired up so you rush off in the heat of the moment, not giving two-seconds thought to how much planning and effort it will take to actually make something happen.

You may get tangled up in projects that will take lots more time than you've allotted -- maybe even lots more time than is even available. You may get involved in things that may simply be beyond your ability to manage. Look at the time you have. Realistically assess your talents and skills. Be sensible about your abilities and available resources before you go making high-sounding promises you have no chance whatsoever of keeping.

That kind of behavior will get you short-term attention ... and so very long-term damage to your reputation when you fall flat on your face and let people down who are counting on you. Think carefully before you take on new commitments ... and look hard at what you're agreeing to ... before you sign up. (BTW, Donald Trump has this and a square to Neptune as the only aspects to Mercury in his Natal Chart. Consider this before you shoot your mouth off in the wrong time and place.)


What to expect?

  • Incidents of thinking too big and talking too much / you and others say things you don't mean, make promises you can't keep, take on things you can't do

  • Poor planning, inadequate talent and resources, inability to properly sustain efforts and projects

  • Getting into situations where everything needs to go perfectly -- and somehow you're convinced that it will (Come back to Earth for just a few minutes and think about this, ok?)

  • Situations of all talk and no action -- where you get lost in beautiful dreams of what could happen and what you could do if -- but that's as far as it goes (stepping through the looking-glass and getting lost in Wonderland)


Mercury will retrograde starting March 5. All the Mercury energies I've talked about recently will get hit again ... and again. If you can possibly avoid it ---> don't make important decisions, don't get tangled up in demanding commitments and responsibilities, don't make wild promises or agreements, be circumspect about what you start or take on -- until all the kinks on this one get worked out and you're able to think straight and sensibly again. This won't happen until the middle of April.

As I said, I don't expect this to be as disastrous as it could be. There's a lot of good stuff here to balance it. But do be aware that it's happening, that it's around and that you need to take it into account. Be your own best friend for a while. Seriously.




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Geez, I am starting to understand this stuff. It has only taken me a year but I am finally getting it. Thanks for the heads up on stars.
Also, I apologize for up-voting your post and dragging down your earnings, this makes the second post I've upVoted tonight and the earnings went down when my vote registered.

Departing squares = problems with your foundations, weaknesses in the platform you're planning to build on, serious discrepancies between your history and what's going on in the present, trying to satisfy conflicting demands without having enough of whatever it takes to do so.

lolololololol, I am laughing my ass off here honey and then after that, my loving Mercury will go into retrograde, wtf? I might as well shoot my self in the foot right now :D :D :D Well, I say NO, I will ride this thing out and own this storm like a queen ;)


It's not quite as bad as it sounds on the surface -- that Mercury turns Rx in a matter of days. For you, this Mercury Rx will mean rethinking the role of relationships in your life ... and what you want from a partner, and what you're willing to offer and do to keep things together. This may modify a lot of choices and future behavior -- and change your attitude for the better -- ultimately.

It can also mean reconnecting with people you've lost touch with who were once important to you -- or rethinking your connections there through memory and analysis.

This energy also shows you how to see things from other people's perspectives, taking their views and opinions into account, etc. It gives you a wider picture of your situation -- and advice from those who can help. It's not all bad by any means. In fact, Mercury Rx right now could be a blessing in disguise. And as your ruling planet, his input is even more influential.

"The other side of the story" can be helpful -- or your situation seen through someone else's eyes can clarify your own thinking. With Mercury Rx in Pisces this time, you'll also work with your memory and imagination to separate fact from fantasy -- or objective reality from paranoia -- and find ways to put feelings into words so you can understand them better.

This may not solve the problem, I realize -- or even make you feel lots better in the short-term. But it can help. Srsly. And for a person who deals in logic as much as you do, it could be vital.

Also, you'll need to reconcile the great disparity that exists now between what you feel and what you say. (I know. We all try to cover things up -- and denial is an essential tool in times of crisis. You may not be ready or able to look at this part of it yet. But, eventually, you'll have to.)

(Sending thoughts, prayers, blessings -- and anything else you think you might need. If that list doesn't cut it ... you know where to find me.)


Well, you certainly have put some things into perspective and I thank you for that honey.

For you, this Mercury Rx will mean rethinking the role of relationships in your life

You witch, you! :D

Well, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is I'm not taking on anything new until at least 15 April. The bad news is I seem to have plenty to do from my recent 'rational thought and action' phase :)


That's fine. This is not advice to paralyze yourself. It's just a warning to be cautious and sensible. Under Mercury square Jupiter, current involvements have a tendency to grow into far more than you expected in the beginning. Realize the temptation (and the pleading) to do more, more, more can nickle-and-dime you to death over the next six weeks. Be prepared to say "NO" -- and mean it. Even if you feel guilty about it for a while. You'll wind up with all you can handle just from what's on your plate now.

Currently, I can definitely find myself in many of these sentences. But, I have fallen in those "traps" you are talking about. Trying to fix things which take time to fix in a day or a week. And, things do not work like this. My heart wants to do one thing but the body tells a completely opposite story.

But, I am getting better at it. Just need to give me some time so the things get back to "normal". In Germanic medicine, they say how long the "storms" last, it will take an equal time to recover from the damages it created. :)

Thanks for your great advice, my friend, have an amazing day. :)


I think we've all fallen into this at one time or another. That's why knowing the possibility has come together again ... is nice. What's usually deceptive about this particular energy is that projects start out small and are clearly manageable -- so you are tempted to take on a lot of them. (Or people ask you for favors and help -- and, being a good friend and nice person, you agree.)

But as time goes on, they grow into something a lot more complicated and time-consuming. And because your schedule is technically overloaded anyway -- it turns into a real problem. It's not that you were necessarily foolish in the beginning. It's because you didn't know the whole story -- or realize the amount of time, energy, talent, etc., that would be needed before you were done.

Good luck getting life straightened out. You've had quite a time of it lately.

taking on lots more than you can handle

Sounds so familiar and a good warning to take stock! I tend to bend over backwards to fulfil my promises, have to be careful with this not so!

Thank you for the sage advice @enchantedspirit!

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I tend to bend over backwards to fulfil my promises

Oh, Lord ... you and me both!!

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