Do countries have personalities?

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They most certainly do! We refer to this as "culture". But why would the culture of one place be so different to that of another just a few miles away? Take Britain and France, separated by a mere 22 miles of sea, yet the gulf in culture is bigger than the Atlantic.

Here is the UK chart for the 1801 Act of Union. Shortly after this date, the global reserve currency switched from the Dutch guilder to the pound, Napoleon was defeated, and the UK invented the industrial revolution.


The Capricorn Sun - deeply hierarchical, a country that has not just retained the monarchy, but an aristocracy with tiers of Dukes, Earls, Barons etc. Where even the working classes are segmented. A class-based society, not a race-based one.

The Moon in Cancer, retreating protectively behind it's hard shell. This is the splendid isolation of the 19th century, when the British determindly ignored the turmoil and war in continental Europe and simply pretended it wasn't happening, and also refused to interfere in the American Civil War. This is also Brexit. On the day of the referendum Pluto was at 16 Capricorn, exactly opposite the Cancer midheaven and conjunct the fourth house of home. The British were fed-up of the world and wanted to close their doors.

Finally the Libra ascendant, the face the British show the world. Fairness and a world famous justice system. During the eurozone crisis, when Germany was agreeing bailout conditions with Greece, neither trusted each others justice systems, so the deal was done in London, under English Common Law and adjudicated by British judges.


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