Seeing A.S.S. Token Ads on my own steem posts, thanks to and i feel like everything is gonna be alright. Prepare to see ASS token SATURATE all of steem!

in asshole •  16 days ago 

I have a great secret and its called where you can buy ads for pennies and @dclick should be a stable, a requirement for all of @jongolson 's @clicktrackprofit users

We can really push Dclick to its limits and I will actually ask @dclick what the max budget I should really spend and how many users actual use dclick, and how i could help actually promote its use, and how we could speed up the use of posting keys and permissions so we can ad the advertisements to EVERY post Automatically. Then we can ask @eonwarped and @jarvie @asgarth etc about adding dclick to Scot tribes and @steempeak by default to allow users extra income :) Its about time we monetize our own steemblogs and value them for the info they create. Many cryptocurrency people do read steemit posts and we should be getting value and selling ad space but to each other and through startups like

Now if you excuse me, I will now SATURATE all of steem with https;// ads!

I just paid over 5 stem or almost $1 for more ASS token ads :)

get ready for 10 steem more worth of ass token ads!

I even Made another ad on @dclick for SAND my upcoming San Diego based Scot tribe!

I also just bought 130 TASk

GUESS what im gonna spend some TASk on!

But task has made me sort of upset and i wish it didnt EXPIRE and waste my money

I have no way of knowing what i paid for on because the tasks expire and disapear, and it really sucks

also I have no way of knowing if all those expensive 50 or 100 task tasks i did ever got done.. i am feeling like i got ripped off when i make a task, scammers dont even do it take the task AND the task website just lets it run out without refunding me the tasks that were never even attempted...

tasks should not expire at all until they are done wtf is that expiration thing all about anyway? Well I know @heimindanger is busy making @dtube

and I should ask @steemtaskr about their system and how we could improve it, maybe their tasks dont expire and I got a lot cheap recently :D

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