Send Assange a Christmas Card

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This is what my mum suggested, ´´We all need to get together to send Assange a Christmas card. Millions of us. Send them to Belmarsh. They might not be given to him to lift his spirits. but if not it will be a deluge of messages that we do not agree with his enforcement when he should have been released 22nd September. The pile of mail should be a mile high really in protest.´´


I agree with what someone said earlier, millions of us need to be breaking the doors of parliament and Belmarsh down and demanding the release of Assange as this is a gross injustice to Assange, Human Rights, and to Publishing Freedom, Journalism Freedom, Free Press and Free Speech, nonetheless, they will continue to heavily oppress the dissidents since we are dealing with Imperialistic Fascism here. He is being used by Empire to instil acceptance and compliance with the next step to control humanity, even more to the point we have no power to stand up to corruption at the highest level, so what are we doing about it folks?

I´d like to add to that, lets send another Christmas message to all our MPs asking for #Assange to be released as he should have been on the 22nd of September and to the major newspapers ignoring the Elephant in the room, If we need to spell it out and tell them to stop ignoring the opportunity to stand up to Fascism and start printing the truth about what is really going on here, remind the press that what ever threats are given to shut them down, they are the people´s press, not the governments press, silence is in compliance to fascism reigning to stamp out truth #FreeAssange

Mr Julian Assange

Prisoner #: A9379AY

HMP Belmarsh

Western Way

London SE28 0EB



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We’ve laid out a sample letter below, endorsing a path forward for the UK Home Secretary that respects British sovereignty and protects Julian Assange from extradition to the United States. Feel free to put these points into your own words, and express why you think Julian Assange deserves protection from a country that is threatening to imprison him for life.

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