Finding space. A quiet voice. ASMR and love. Movie on 14 10 2017 at 09 04

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01:00 creating a peaceful space
03:20 Thát
07:30 guidance check "alternate realities"
[*a period of intense quiet*]
37:30 "sometimes i prefer to not speak"
43:43 mic test meditation practice
45:00 this is where i want to live
59:22 asmr asmr asmr
the human child
1:12:50 note to self - pol's group - leave tags
the tingles
asmr is completely completely completely free

Hi Steemit. It's been about 6 weeks since a big thing. I am doing ok. I'm ok. My life has changed forever tho. I hope you are all doing ok, and I hope to see you soon. I am a little bit active on and my YouTube account where I mostly post stuff semi-privately. I hope to get some ASMR and meditation videos up soon to the world. The above video is not an ASMR video as such, just me talking about it, among some other things. I have also started stimming/flapping/spectrum things and my fingers, my motor-skills seem to have been rewritten since August. Life is very different these days but I'm doing really well xxx Aeryn

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Hello my dear, I hope to see you here more often soon. will whach the video now. :)


hello xxx i have been very busy with many things. a lot of life things :)