AskSteem: What are your favorite songs right now?

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I usually have a really bad habit when it comes to music, whenever I stumble upon a song I haven't heard before that I instantly like I listen it to death faster than the payout of this post. I also don't actively spend time looking for other songs so by the time I stop listening to it it's because I've started to hate it.

There are a few exceptions though, some songs seem to be of the right mix to never become "old". With those songs I try my hardest not to overplay them so they'll always be like a treat to my ears whenever I remember them. One of them currently is this one:

AskSteem What are your favorite songs right now?

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Hey mate! At the beginning of this message, I want to share some thoughts about the fact that when we find an interesting song and we like it very much and then we listen to it on the loss of pulse. I regularly come across this as I am a musician and when I write music I have to listen to it hundreds of times during the writing process, then when I come to the studio to make final touches, as a rule I listen to it once and this time last, I can put it off for many years and to share with my listeners, but I don’t listen to it anymore because I listened to it very much. I have long noticed such a thing in myself that it is just necessary to alternate music and not to loop myself on one song a few times, as it loses its charm. Of course there are songs that we can listen to and listen to and they never cease to like it and this is an exception to the rules. For almost 17 years I have been writing music and I have been a music critic for 10 years, before when I worked as A & R manager for a music label, I had to listen to a lot of music that musicians from all over the world sent us, and it was then that I realized that you need to take pauses and switch to something new, then come back to the track that I really liked and listen to it again, making an analysis of it from the point of view of the musician and from the point of view of the listener. There is no bad music, there are bad musicians. And it’s hard for me to choose one favorite song, for many years I have accumulated a lot of music in my collection that I can call favorite, I’ll just share what I noticed in the last time and I really love this music.

Listening to a lot of Nathaniel Rateliff lately-

I'm mad obsessed with this guy at the moment. He does awesome metal covers, like this!


lol, not bad :D That's a really great song, I remember back in the day I had to listen to the santana version cause the original was no where to be found legally for free. xD


Ah those days! I still smile when I think of them. I am going to have a listen to that version, I didn't know he did one!


I used to listen to some of Diplo's mixes in the past, I haven't listened to a lot of French Montana but I'm quite biased on Lil Pump since he gets a lot of hate from real rappers. :P

These are improvisations by Olafur Arnalds. For mere improvisations these are pretty damn impressive!

Finding a song you love and then listening to it until you hate it is a classic.

Last year I got obsessed with Hamilton the musical and I am ashamed to say that between all the songs of the musical, I have almost 3000 reproductions of them in a span of 6 months and I have the data to prove it lol

But right now, I am currently obsessed and overplaying the soundtrack of Spider-Man into the spider verse since I just recently saw the movie and loved it. Especially the songs What's Up Danger and Sunflower.


I heard the musical was really good. I often also get stuck to some songs from movies, like for instance this one is a classic song I'll never get tired of just cause I watched it in the movie. :D

Is that the new Spiderman? Not sure when I stopped watching them, though.


Yeah the musical is pretty good, there's an animated version of it on YouTube and is it's glorious.

Yeah Spider Verse is the new spider man movie that released back in December, its pretty great, it even won the best animated movie oscar lol.

That song sounds familiar but I don't remember watching that movie.


Also lol, those clips from the video are quite ironic now after the recent news of her abuse.


That's a good one. ^^

OK, It's not that I'm listening to this music but I found this Ukranian group and this song is amazing! :D This is my morning shizzle!

Also, after this, you need to listen to Mongolian music a bit :D :D

On other days, I'm just a regular everyday normal guy :))


Welp, that was enough randomness for today. :P


It iz never enoughz :))

I'm not sure if it is my favorite - but it always draws me in and yeah :) its catchy as hell. :)

and the other one I search for quite often...

Cheers ;)

One I enjoy and listen to ever so often @acidyo is


Ha.... I actually thought it was a scene from Les Miserables until I hit the play. :) however...

My favorite songs currently are Case by Teni and Pretty little fears by 6Lack ft. J Cole


Gonna listen to the second one, I liked 6lack's Problems.

For awhile now, it's been Fiona Apple pure imagination

Such a perfect inspirational song. I love it's beauty and Grace.

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Black Lab - This Night

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Middle Child by J Cole! Check that out!!


This is one of those I've already killed. :D

My tastes are far more subdued these days. More suited to my aging body and mind. But I recently found 'The Japanese House' - a 23-year-old british musician, she definitely has talent. Love every song pretty much. Plus she's incapable of facial expressions, which I like.

But as for a song I should post a link to that nobody will listen to, definitely Mondo Grosso. Lovely videos, such as this dance with a mixed-black-asian dancer and hot asian guy

Plus, damn, dat ritardando-accelerando


Plus she's incapable of facial expression

Kristen Stewart? :P

Ait gonna give it a listen

Beast in Black: A Finnish Disco-Heavy Metal band with a cool 80's sound! :)..This song isn't so disco sounding but if you listen to their other songs, you'll know what I mean!


Like this one (I think you might like this song!):


Sounds interesting. :D

Cotton eyed Joe

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classic xD


A friend of mine who wasn't much into english thought the song was "captain joe" :p


Haha, I'm actually listening to this girl not cotton eyed Joe, that was just the first ridiculous song that came to mind..

Jain is an up in coming appeal

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Favourite song is that one that makes me forget the world exists while I'm listening to it, and here you can find it.

I am listening this one right now.

I would love to know your opinion about this instrumental, I am getting crazy when I am listening it


Showtek is lit, I need a lot of alcohol for it though. :D

That second one made me regret the minute I spent on it. :P



Nice pick @acidyo, I enjoyed the vibe.

It's hard for me to pick a favorite song, because I enjoy quite a diverse plethora of genres.
Right now, the song I listen to the most is:
Land of Confusion - Genesis - 1986.

My favourite song is Ummmmn

Here is the link

Specially the tune is just awesome

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Interesting. ^^

This one from a Croatian artist has the chillest beats I've heard in a while and I just can't stop playing it on repeat.

I’ll listen to YouTube channels that play random artist but similar styles to what I like. That’s how I rent to find songs that I love listening to. I don’t wear them out as often if I keep looking through the different artist.

Here’s two songs by one of my
Favorite artist called bonobo. He has a lot of music if you end up liking his style.

Recurring -

Kerala -

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Got a bunch of different ones stuck in my head lately, but here's a fun djent/metalcore song I've been listening to a few times a week for the past month.

For me, New Year is everyday, so this is a perfect song for beginning and ending day. No one can't argue with this song.

I see you are from Finland, bro... Finland is metal Heaven, every band that comes from Finland is great band! :D


О боже, этот шедевр я обожаю! Хехе! Когда я впервые услышал это я просто был в шоке почему эти ребята ещё не народные артисты.


So my classes at elementary school payed off, I could understand everything that you wrote in Russian. :) This is one of the best boy bands I ever heard, too bad they weren't become folk artists because they would be much more famous than now. :D

My favorite songs right now are "Shallow" and "All of Me".

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„But she never lost her head, even when she was giving head ......“ Hey Babe! Take a walk on the wild side .....


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And here are those new boots to keep on walking the wild side 😉

Hmm. I think they might have misspelled their band name. 😕
Great song though.

I don't really have a "favorite" song. I have too many too good songs in my Spotify library. Two weeks ago when I went walking outside I listened to Spotify weekly discovery and heard a song of which play button I have raped for the past 2 weeks now. This absolutely perfect and melodic drum and bass track, my ears are loving this.

My favorite at the moment

My most played song lately is by Grimes - We Appreciate Power and somehow I actually prefer BloodPop®'s Remix ft. HANA than the original one. Love the lyrics of it too.

Second song I keep playing quite often reminds me of my friend who I miss dearly. It was her favorite artist

Song much like the one you mentioned.. never get tired of playing this one over and over

"Sweet but Psyco" by Ava Max😎

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When I first started working out I saw many clips done by Zyzz, I was a kid back then so I wanted his life of total immaturity and not giving a fuck about anything. One of the songs that was played over and over on these youtube clips stuck with me ever since. I love this song!

Just heard it again... damn, the feels, I wish I could go back in time and relive it all over again.

You came to the right listener. My tastes are eclectic in nature, meaning I have no top genres or whatever (although I traditionally shy away from urban).

Among some of the animal characters from my forthcoming Unspooled series, it's none other than Images' "Les Démons de minuit" (1986, plus later covrs/variants); as of now, my winning combo of the moment is Paramore's "Still Into You" b/w Funta's "S.U.K.I.". (One's an alternative Billboard hit from 2013, the other an anime end theme from a decade earlier.)

Also, I scrobble from time to time--and just subscribed yesterday to take care of some errant metadata. What about you?

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This boy is my new obsession

Nothing beats the old classic, England Dan and Ford. :)

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