What's for breakfast today?

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Hello everyone! It's @livinguktaiwan with our first @LadiesOfAsia post, sharing fun and cultural diversity across Asia Pacific. Since this is the beginning of our journey here and a new start for us, we thought it would be great to share something that represents the start of the day. How about inviting everyone to breakfast? After all, who doesn't love food, especially when you get a choice of 8 delicious different cuisine? Now follow me this way for a mouth watering culinary journey.


First up is Australia's daily breakfast from @travelgirl - toast & tea. Ok, I promise the food will get better and yummier as we go along, but let's look at the basic first. The toast can have different type of spreads: jam, peanut butter, butter etc. Some people prefer coffee with their breakfast but @travelgirl only drinks tea . With winter coming, the busy mum of two sometimes also have a bowl of oats as well. By the way, I noticed she hasn't made her toast yet, let me help out.


Next let's take a look at China, @mrspointm's breakfast consists of soybean milk, deep fried dough sticks and sesame seed cake(烧饼), which can be considered as a symbol of their traditional food culture. Soybean milk, containing vegetable protein and mineral substances, is a traditional drink in China. The fried sticks are something like an ancient Chinese-style noodles, long and hollow and crispy, while sesame seed cake can be seen everywhere in China. Definitely sounds yummy!


Things are looking interesting now! @wanderlass's breakfast Tapsilog is a popular Filipino breakfast. It is a shortened word for the 3 main portions of this dish: Tapa (beef sirloin), sinangag (fried garlic rice) and itlog (egg). Hence, the word TAP-SI-LOG. Some call it Tapsi for an even shorter version. Tapa is beef marinated in a special mix of soy sauce, garlic, pepper, salt, calamansi (local lemon) and then dried before frying. Aside from Tapa, this "Silog" meal have other varieties such as Cornsilog (corned beef), Bangsilog (bangus/ milkfish), Chicksilog (chicken) and Hotsilog (hotdog), to name a few. Wow! So many choices just for breakfast!


If you're ever in Singapore, you have to learn from @jrvacation on what to order and how to eat like a local. Kaya Toast with Butter paired with 2 soft boiled eggs and a cup of hainanese style brewed kopi (coffee) marks the popular traditional breakfast in Singapore. The bread is first toasted and sliced into 2 thin pieces, then sandwiched with generous spread of cold butter and kaya for serving. The kaya spread is made using coconut, eggs and sugar. For the soft boiled eggs, some places served them already cracked onto the saucer while some places require you to crack the eggs personally. To fully enjoy the meal like locals, add some dark soya sauce and pepper and stir the egg mixture. It will become a runny texture. Eat it by sipping from the saucer directly. You may also enjoy your kaya toast by dipping it into the egg mixture. Complete the full experience with a cup of hainanese styled brewed kopi (coffee). Now you'll know next time you're in Singapore.


We've got a present here, let's see what's inside! @elizacheng from Malaysia shares with us nasi lemak which includes the most essential (basic) ingredient - Coconut Milk Rice, Hard Boil Egg, Cucumber, Toasted Peanuts Fried Anchovies and Sambal and wrapped in banana leaf. I love the organic wrapping and I guess you might also get a hint of fragrant from the banana leave in the warm food. Another version of nasi lemak is with curry chicken, I wonder if you can wrap that in a banana leaf to take out ...


The Japanese are known for their attention to details and this applies to breakfast as well. @kawaiipower's typical Japanese breakfast includes rice, grilled fish, miso soup, some vegetables and other little dishes to nibble on. Also eating Natto and eggs are other popular Japanese breakfast. They seem like a big portion but the Japanese believe that eating filling breakfast is important to start a new day! Definitely agree with you on that one!


Hong Kong is a well known foodie heaven, and @nanosesame has a a lot of options such as Chinese style with congee, fried bread or fried noodel etc or a "Western style" local breakfast . Today, she's opted for the latter from a local fastfood restaurant breakfast set which includes ham macaroni, toast, omelette and milktea. Hong Kong style milktea is one of the most famous drink in Hong Kong, drank not only in the morning, lunch, teatime and even dinner time. Did you know they say the milktea taste so good because they brew it in stockings? Maybe us @LadiesOfAsia can start brewing our own milktea?


Finally, I'm (that's me @livinguktaiwan) bringing you is dan bing from Taiwan. This literally translates to egg cake. It is actually a pancake wrapped with with a fried egg inside and different types of filling. I ordered one with basil, and the other one has sliced pork filling. Sometimes you can get other different kinds of fillings such as sausages, corn, pork floss, turn fish, it can get quite creative sometimes. This is rounded off with a glass of yummy soybean milk.

Wow! Wasn't that mouth watering journey, and such a great variety of yummy food to start the day!!! I bet you, you wish you were in Asia Pacific now!! Which was your favourite breakfast or did you like all of them? Drop us a comment below and let us know. Or alternatively show us a photo of a typical breakfast from your own country. If I see anything I fancy eating, I might even personally buy it off you with a little upvote. Come on don't be shy! We've shared our food, now share yours!!!

Till next week, bye from the Ladies of Asia!!!

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Fantastic! I wanna try each one from different places!
Here’s my sharing, the following breakfast are specifically sold in central part of Taiwan, and I realized that until I grow up and can’t find it in other cities!(source: google)
Left: it’s called “da main geng”
Right: its name is “ma yi” soup


wow! that looks pretty full on for breakfast!

I wanna have breakfast now :D


Let's go now!!!

I like how you ladies put all the different breakfasts together in one post. All look great! The one from @kawaiipower is such a feast, haha 😍


Now you mention it, it’s pretty big portion compare to others, yet that’s what I usually eat for breakfast 😊


I must say the Japanese definitely knows how to make everything look so great






見到你也玩得開心 😊

Just stumbled upon this, love the idea how the same topic will vary across different parts of asia. Looking forward to more posts from you ladies


Thank you @ladylei. Look out for our next post tomorrow, its up close and personal to us girls


Will do!

Funny, I want to try each type of breakfast😎😎


At the same time please




why are we not surprised ....😎

Writing this post has made me sooo hungry


I bet it did! I get hungry by reading it now 😊


Everything looks so yummy

I like Chinese breakfast haha


I bet you could eat all 8 breakfast in one go ^_^


No! I can only eat half😛

This post was a culinary whirlwind tour! I learned so much about breakfast across Asia. It looks like almost everyone likes eggs for breakfast, in some way or another. I would love to sample some of each plate.

I just made a breakfast post too, Sunrise Surprise - Unbreakfast Eggs. :D


Your's look great as well!

Food! All the food are yummy!


Your breakfast here don't look bad either!


Wanna try Malaysia and Singapore 😋


They certainly look very tempting

Ladies, what a fantastic overview! Everything looks delicious! 👌
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