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The Healthcare space is undergoing development so fast that it is sometimes difficult to keep track. There are discoveries and innovations coming up almost every other day from specialists and researchers who are bent on providing the world with better healthcare services. Medical researchers from all around the world have been coming up with ways to cope with the numerous illnesses which also seem to come up every day.

As a microbiology graduate, I am well aware that there have been constant efforts by researchers to discover new therapies and medicines to fight diseases that have been claiming lives ever since the beginning of time. All of these researchers and specialists are located in all corners of the world, and their services are not available to every person in the world. A person who is living in Kenya cannot be able to access healthcare services from a specialist or doctor in the United States mainly due to the distance barrier.

Medical unknowns are being unraveled, and every person regardless of their location around the globe has the right to have access to such advanced medical care. The human life is very precious, and it should be protected at any cost. A person who does not have the financial capability to access the medical expertise of a medical specialist in India because they are located in Africa does not have to lose their life to an illness. Today’s article is going to focus on an innovative blockchain-based project which is looking to solve this problem and numerous others.


ASCLEPIUS is a platform which is aiming at gathering medical expertise and knowledge from all around the world and availing it to every person equally. This way, any patient who is in dire need of medical expertise will be able to access it on the ASCLEPIUS platform regardless of their financial situation.

ASCLEPIUS platform is looking to avoid the discrimination that is currently plaguing the healthcare industry where only the rich get advanced medical care. Every life is important, and ASCLEPIUS is striving to ensure that they uphold this principle. ASCLEPIUS is a platform which is planning to expand their reach to every corner of the world and make constant developments to ensure that people get the best of medical expertise and knowledge.

On ASCLEPIUS, you will not only receive the best medical discoveries by the world’s best researchers but also have access to information on how to maintain your health for longer life. The medical information on discoveries will not only be helpful to patients but also doctors from all around the world. The majority of medical students start practicing right after they graduate and they usually don’t know every single thing about the healthcare sector. There are new diseases emerging every time, and majority of doctors in developing countries are unable to provide their patients with the most advanced medical care.


ASCLEPIUS is going to revolutionize the healthcare sector by making sure that everyone has access to advanced medical care and while at it improves the health of the entire human race. This is such a huge initiative, which is why we should all make sure that the ASCLEPIUS project becomes a success.

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