Legacy, Evolution, And Human Design...

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This is probably going to turn out to be one of those scattered-on-the-surface puzzles of reflections and insights, which I haven’t shart out in a while. It has been a while...

One of my key mentors once/often shared a perspective on legacy...

His viewpoint was that our legacy grows out of our greatest pains and challenges. That somewhere in life, we’ve encountered such huge hurts or obstacles, and they consequentially spark some innate instinct to devote ourselves to solving that problem for everyone - making it an integral part of our life path & purpose to pay forward what was learned/activated through the experience, such that future generations will not have to undertake the same hardships.

I got it logically. Though, I wasn’t able to clearly see that dynamic at play in my own life.

I hadn’t been able to pinpoint any single challenge or trauma that had such an impact on me. And while I’ve felt very passionate over the years about all kinds of different causes, movements, and global challenges - desiring to support a variety of legacies - I never could quite narrow it down to one which seemed to arise out of my unique experiences. And even the whole time I was thinking music would be my legacy - I couldn’t see how it interlinked with all the other things that caught my interest or how it fit that model.

I couldn’t tell whether my mentor’s theory was merely that - not applicable for everyone - or if I just hadn’t yet developed a broad enough scope of vision to see how all the disparate puzzle pieces fit together.

There always was a large part of me that felt compelled towards collaborating in many significant legacy projects. Issues of political-capitalistic corruption, environmental sustainability, evolution of health care & education, personal & professional development through entrepreneurship, cultural psychology, and aligning it all harmoniously within a framework of universal (“spiritual”) Law... there were all these various fields of knowledge and human engagement which I found incredibly fascinating, so many different initiatives going on in different networks - and part of me wanted to serve it all. Though as to how that came together as something that could be defined as “my legacy” in the context of having been birthed out of my own hardship... that was a bit of stretch to piece together.

Unless, I extended my thinking to consider that “my” dilemma or trauma was not necessarily an individual one, but more collective - having been born into this larger drama of the human condition and its evolutionary ascent.

I hadn’t had any major personal issues growing up. But I was surely sensitive enough to tune into the madness of what chaos & insanity was going on in all directions of the world. And I didn’t really have the capacity to isolate myself from it - no matter the conditioning of the culture I grew up in, which would have us put our own individual material concerns before the well-being of the whole human & planetary community. So perhaps my wound wasn’t one I could claim direct ownership of - my legacy born out of something specifically unique unto me - but taken on as an imprint of the patterns of the planetary environment. The impact, the emotional pain of having witnessed and felt so much suffering outside of myself. The legacy, much more multi-faceted...

Yada, yada, yada...

So time went went on. Eventually, puzzle pieces came together, vision expanding to see how the dots connected.

And then, just when I had thought the pattern of seeking that I’d spent my twenties in came to an end when diving into my mentor’s work & technology, I came to an intersection of two esoteric rabbit holes which had intensely captured my fascination - the I Ching and astrology: Human Design.

The decade-long immersion in personal development, psychology, and metaphysics was largely drive - half-consciously - by some sense of needing to “fix” myself. I’d been aware of my own emotional instabilities and neuroses, and sought to learn the dynamics of my psyche so I could get it in functional order. Core’s teachings and activational processes were key in fulfilling those intentions. And when the timing was right, the door to Human Design opened - going even deeper into understanding the alchemical blueprints of consciousness and its extraction & archetypal unfoldments through the dimensions of time and the human experience.

The more I’ve been cracking open to understanding my design, the more the whole path & play makes sense.

That obsessive seeking - and the tendency to get absorbed in the ideas of others, understanding them deeply and seeing how they all interconnect in the bigger picture - perfectly fitting for an open crown & mind center. The “scatteredness” in various fields of studies, projects, and undertakings - completely characteristic of the 6/2 profile’s first “trial-and-error” phase of life. The chronic anger & frustration I’ve felt, absolutely predictable based on living the “not-self,” denying my particular Strategy & Authority.

And that’s not even scratching the surface.

But my design and insights aren’t the point here.

What is: the fact that none of us arrived on this planet with an instruction manual for these meat-suits we’ve descended into for this journey.

There are millions - if not billions of people on this planet fated to suffer anxiety, depression, and all forms of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual ills - for the simple fact that we’ve been ignorant-as-fuck of the complete dynamics of how our genetic-biological vehicles operate as a means of carrying our souls through the ascension process.

And now that systems like Human Design have provided a stunningly-powerful mapping of how our genetic blueprints are wired for experiencing these journeys in distinctly unique ways, we may be significantly closer to getting “on-track” - or rather, living harmoniously how we are specifically designed to.

After all, it’s no wonder life sucks if we’re living from pre-conditioned belief systems, trying to play roles that aren’t us - instead of recognizing exactly who we are, what our precise makeup is, and how our genetic-circuitries are setup to succeed & fail with different Strategies in this game. No wonder the world is plagued with wars, corruption, and chaos when billions of people are operating based on faulty mind-programming rather than a clear awareness of our specific, natural, individual roles in a larger evolutionary process.

So back to legacy...

What is mine, which arose out of some specific trauma or challenge? I’m not exactly sure yet. Perhaps its just something I have to observe in its unfoldment, moreso than deliberative drive from logic.

Maybe it involves the pain & suffering of having arrived ‘unprepared’ in this world of chaos, having gone through the trial-and-error to finally stumble into the bodies of knowledge which pull together all the puzzle pieces - and being able to relate intimately to the ideas of others, compliments of my open centers, who’ve undergone their struggles, ignorant of their individual genetic blueprints and system dynamics of their evolutionary ascension process.

Maybe it involves transmitting key insights discovered through my searches via a defined throat center, passing on codes and playing a part in a wave of consciousness upgrades, such that the next generations of humans will be birthed into an collective awareness of Human Design so they may begin their journeys with the support to live their differentiated profiles harmoniously, rather than having to undertake the long deconditioning processes we do.

My legacy is not the point. Serving in yours is. (Maybe.)

And perhaps that’s true for all of us, to some degree or another.

After all, what are we here for, if not to contribute and add value to the collective.

And how can we truly expect to evoke our greatest contributions, if not...

iPad battery died and lost track of where I was going with that one.

Feel free to write your own ending... :-)

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