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in asa •  last month

I have not been active since yesterday especially when my phone broke down. I was just feeling tired. Although I need to rest a lot. Today was a bit dull for me as I did not even want to do anything at all even after repairing my phone which means it has nothing to do with the phone.

Have you experience it before and what do you suggest I do?

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My activity/training

I was unable to use the actifit app today due to the phone but I still did my training. So nothing much on it.



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Take some rest and start again, but watch out you may become adicted to screens.


I am not actually addicted to screen but I have a lot to do online. I took almost a day off on Sunday without doing anything but I was back to meet pending work. I will try to rest more.

Maybe relax the body and start all over dear @seyiodus


I am trying to do that. Thanks, bro.

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