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in artzone •  4 months ago

Walking around in the Steemit-Zoo for a couple of months now, I met all kind of animals good natured and predatory ones inclined to exploit in every day reason why this should be different!

Those who claimed that they joined to get rid of "normal" social media pressure and solicitation should read their book again...I think they got something all wrong here... but nevertheless it is fun to show something to a small audience ((5 people) and get 1 cent , while you can show the same content elsewhere and have 4000 people looking...but I agree, without getting 1 cent.

"Department Fish & Wildlife"
motion-art by Werner Hornung (26).gif


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2,5 cents from me 😂😂
I am a fan of your art :) Great job!


Thanks a lot...I will give it back to you as soon as possible...let's say that your 2,5 cents are worth a lot more than its pecuniary value.