The Power of PAINTING

in artzone •  last year

hello @vaansteam, yesterday you painted about your favorite animal lion and lion is my favorite. I am inspired by your painting ...! I am so excited !!!

but, I can not paint lions anymore, this is unethical ... now I want to paint about my favorite gemstone "Imperial Jade".

Don't say this stone is also your favorite, it means we have something in common ..: D

Friends all know, I like collecting beautiful gems, because my satisfaction as well as inspiration for me.

in process...

in process... 10%

ini process... 50%

in process... 70%

finish !

"All Steemian friends, give your advice to me, I like steemit and I don't want to give up showing the authenticity of my work. ! I want to always be better up front. please give me suggestions for my success in steemit.

Thank you in advance 🙏

Regards Steemit!

By : @sayedahmadsabiq

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Good art

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I love joining the art community!

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Thanks for sharing and educating!
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Thank you!