Harry Styles (Process of a drawing that doesn't suit me)

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I made this drawing at the request of one of my friends, she wanted me to do it, because like many girls who were fans of One Direction, it usually causes them to be fans of the same members of the band itself and she is no exception, starting here, I would like to tell you that I had an idea to draw drawings to each of my friends, who are and are not in my life, to practice making illustrations and venting the things I think of them, I hope to do so and have the will to fulfill it, without further delay, to see the process of this Harry Styles.

Quickly I will say, that it does not look anything like Harry Styles but well, sometimes, it is achieved and sometimes not even fucking.

I started with the usual, make a circle, guide lines, make the nose, eyes, mouth and so on, wet the paper with water and then, go on to paint or ink with the bottle ink I had, seeing that I did not give so much intensity to the shadow I had and wanted to achieve, I painted it with black paint, wink it like clothes with a hook. And make some of the shadows on the forehead of the figure.

I continued with the shadows on the forehead, and then go on to make the eye shadows, at this moment the first thought that went through my mind was “Do not fuck me, we do not go in half and do not look like” imagine many sighs when I thought about that ... Ah, I almost forgot, I made this drawing with a black ink pen, with a 032 Medium tip, Faber Castell brand.

Already with the eye already shaded, then, I made the eyebrow, already with the eyebrow, I was relieving myself by saying that with eyebrow it could seem a little more but more forward, this thought was mitigated and changed by negative thoughts.

While I was editing this post and writing it, I am realizing that the nose was a bit small compared to the rest of the face, well, let's continue. I kept shading my cheek, this entertained me quite a bit for a moment and made me forget that it didn't look alike, I concentrated more on knowing that I had to give volume to the face, rather than the face itself.

I continued with the shadow of the nose, it darkens the best I could with the pen, since it is a very strong shadow that was there.

Then, I did a little of the upper lip, at that moment of doing the upper lip I understood that there was no turning back, it looked strangely bad, they did not look like anything but the drawing had to be finished.

Continue with the shadows of the neck but with the exception that it takes black paint, I put enough water and then pass it where I wanted it to look shaded, because if I shadowed with a pen, capable the pen would go in that grace of shading so dark.

I finished making the shadows of the neck and part of the ear that I was still missing and in a single ZAS, I had finished the drawing as you can see there, it is not necessary to emphasize that the result does not satisfy me, because in the post title you can see clearly, it is not I do not like the technique, because it is the same as always, with a plot with a pen, with its spontaneous shadows that I invented myself, it has my visual language but honestly, it disappoints me is the fact that I I could not achieve it looked like Harry Styles himself, that's what my head eats continuously but as I always say, I have not reached the level of drawing that I want to have and for that I have much more to learn and do.

Here I leave the original image, from where I take the reference of the face and everything else, make your own comparisons.

I hope you liked the post, that you enjoyed it and that you are encouraged to comment on this post, what do you think, if you have any suggestions, I assure you that I will read you with all the attention and affection.

If you want to go through my Instagram to see a little more of my content, here I will leave it:


Until next time, guys!

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Por lo menos lo intestaste, sigue practicando ............Dios te bendiga Jesucristo viveee y te amaaa

There has to be something wrong with your images post.

On the Partiko app I only see the links for them, not the actual image displayed.

Great work and greetings from Mexico.

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Yeah that's true. The work was featured in @art-venture magazine and I followed through it. Only to see the image link here. I was able to view it via web browser.

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This is wonderful. The light and shade effect and the all black background makes the work look amazing.

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Hola @roveana
Me gusta tu creación, y como documentas el proceso.
Me extrañó el uso del negro en tus fotografías como si encapsularas en capas tu dibujo, es interesante tu composición.

Buen trabajo con el ojo, pero en la pieza final la proporción no me parece la adecuada, está más grande.
Un bello trabajo, continua asi

PD: Algunas de tus imágenes no pude visualizarlas.