A portrait that I sold for $7 today.

in #artzone3 years ago

Hi dear friends good evening this is Raghao Singh from India. Friends let’s make a beautiful portrait of a very gorgeous girl. Friends here below you will find the complete making process and also the progress of this painting how beautifully I made this and how much efforts and toil I added you can assume after the view of complete making process.










The artwork of this beautiful portrait is very elegant and heartwarming and I am feeling very proud and happiness as I have such a wonderful platform where I can share my beautiful artwork with all my dear friends.

Friends today while I was painting something on a park, an young man comes to me and appreciated my artwork, and offers me to give 500 INR Or $7 for this painting and I sold it for 7$ he also assures me to buy more paintings and give me some good prices, so friends I am very happy today, thank you for your love and care.

Thank you.


She is beautiful

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