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The longest is a kind of bird
Can live up to 70 years old.

But they live
In order to stay in their
At age 40 in the difficult process
It is an important decision.

If at the age of 40 in order to catch prey
His nails are beginning to damage
Also came to pick the chest until long beak
The wings are very heavy
Hair is also very thick, so
Flying here looks very tired.

He had only two options. Even when they are idle
I would die. Going through a painful and difficult process
Whether alive. Adventurer difficult than
Forsake it will be more rewarding than eating.

So go fly a very high mountain
Has built a nest
Then again, where I am closer fly.
Painful end to overcome the difficult process from scratch
Nearly a half years, 150 days later.

So he was the first subtract its stone
The mouth is then removed and taken to sin.
Silent and wait until new jail.

The first from 40 feet away
Not the usual yada tone
I asked for something.

If he did not tell
From 30 feet,
So even if you have not heard of
Close to a gradual edges.
Then evening
His wife at dinner
From about 40 feet away from the front
"Dinner Cooking" asked a woman.

His wife does not hear sound from.
At a distance of about 30 feet
Go to about the center of the house
Curry asked for dinner.

I do not hear the noise.
At a distance of about 20 feet
Asked from the stairs.
Then, with impatience.
I asked from the door of the kitchen.


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