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My son, Mikhail, wants to be a professional artist like his idol @rigaronib in the future. Me, as his father who supports him always is very happy seeing him smiling while doing the thing (drawing) that he wants to do.
I'm sharing this to all of you show his drawing and how I am proud for him. To all parents here in this great platform, let your children do what makes them happy. Support them on every steps they're doing in their life and all of you will see the smile that would make all of you proud.


For 2 months vacation of my children, they only stay at home to play and of course, learning some of their past subjects.

Yesterday, Mikhail went to a department store with his little bro and Mum so he didn't had a chance to do his Mum's work for him. Well, I think he was happy about it ! LOL! :D

I didn't go with them because I need to work. I am working 7 days a week for them. Anyway, Let's have a look at Mikhail's challenge from his big bro @rigaronib. :D


I let him draw @rigaronib's Holi-Art #16 Let's check it out!


Mikhail told me the first that he couldn't draw it because it was very hard for him.

But, he drew it as he wanted to. :D


In this part, he drew it 4 times because he was not satisfied about what he did at first.

He likes the face of this dragon and he told that he wanted to draw again after this. :D


In this part, he thought about what he must do to make it clear that it is the hand of the dragon. :D

Mikhail told that it looks like a Pokemon. LOL!





Mikhail was very sleepy last night so he continued to do his drawing when he woke up this morning :D


When he woke up this morning, he told me that he wants to continue his drawing.

Of course, I told him to wash his face and brush his teeth before continuing to do his drawing Hahaha! :D


He used a black pen to highlight his drawing before coloring it.


And finally, he colored it as it was to be.

He was thinking about to color his drawing in his own way but, he told that he wanted to be the same as the drawing of his big bro @rigaronib :D





The Sriracha Guardian


If you want to see the original Holi-Art #16 of my friend @rigaronib, please click HERE


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Mikhail's Drawing #13

Here are Mikhail's Guitar Lesson from me :D

Guitar Session The Beginning || Guitar Session #1 || Guitar Session #2




Shout-Out to @elizacheng , @teammalaysia and to all who're behind #myjuniors activity!


Special thanks to @artzone and @surfyogi!




Please visit my good friend's blog @rigaronib and look at his awesome arts called Holi-Arts. Please support him as well.
Thank you.






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What a great job, Mikhail! I'm sorry missed this one, but I'm so glad that I saw it! It's super awesome!
Keep up the good work! :D


Hey bro @rigaronib! How have you been?! You've been gone for a while!😁

He is great! Thank you for the help @michaelcabiles...


Always welcome @kennyroy and thanks for dropping by! 😊



Thanks! :D

Thanks for using #artzone tag! Artzone can give just one upvote per day!

What a talented kid!


Thanks @emdesan 😊