Steem Marines - Art Log - 18.03.13

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Well, I'm going to give a go at doing this art log, as I was invited to start posting on an art tag that seems to be more or less active.

So, I find myself working on something everyday, and I thought that maybe I was wasting some content away by not showing you guys more.

As of late, I've been showing you only finished content. Well, maybe I need to start showing you not-finished content too.

So, I find my mind racing with all sorts of different things that I would love to talk about.

Unfortunately, my friends aren't into the hobby, so I'll talk your ears off instead haha!

So, you guys know I've been working on Death Guard Plague Marines.

They were part of the "Know no Fear" Starter Set.

I've been working on Pox Walkers, and I've just recently finished an actual Death Guard Marine.

I did actually start working on a fresh Plague Marine.

As you can see, its very much in it's early stages. I would have taken pictures of it before I started working on it, but sadly it was too late. Don't worry though, there are a few more that I need to paint.

Now, I want to take a moment and talk about a few things that are happening here in this model.

The first thing is the base coat. I had actually achieved some very subtle transitions from "Death Forest" green, into a lighter blend that I made. It's very subtle but there is definitely a transition from a darker green to a lighter one. I did this to simulate subtle shading that will really look great in the finished product.

The second thing to note is that I started early base coating the metallics first.

The reason being is that I wanted to keep things very neat with minimal amounts of accidentally painting other things metallic. Hopefully, the result will be a much cleaner version of the last plague marine.

The goal is to create Masterfully painted miniatures, so I'm always considering things 1 or 2 steps ahead of what I'm doing.

Actually, there was one other thing I wanted to talk about in this post.

I briefly talked about it in other posts, but I didn't illustrate what I meant effectively, and that is the size of these miniatures.

They are VERY small. Something I noticed with some of my production pictures, is that they look very big. They are not.

Here's a size comparison to some pocket change.

As you can see, the bigger models are based on nothing bigger than a quarter, and most of these small details and objects are a small fraction of a dime.

Painting these guys is all about being slow, and careful, with very small brushes.

Here's one of the projects I'm looking really forward to painting.

This is a Lord of Contagion.

I mean, I know it's Heresy, but damn he is one rock solid looking mother f*cker.

That project is going to take a while, I can already tell.

Anyway guys, thanks for reading, I promise I'll be doing one of these everyday to keep you updated on the progress of things.

I know I've been focusing on totally unrelated factions lately, but I really want to get as much practice as I can before I start working on the most important units. Painting these guys are really helping me get my feet wet and as a result, I'll be able to paint higher quality.

What do you guys think?

Let me know what you think about anything, suggestions, critiques, anything is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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Nice dude! I think working on this every day is the only way to go... not only will your skills increase dramatically, but it'll keep you on target to get it all done, and keep us involved the whole way through... it's a win win win situation!

I still wish there was more of a 40K gang on here. I'd love to do more with the hobby, it's just so super time consuming. If we could all share progress that'd be amazing.

Best Wishes!
Hopefully, the result will be a much cleaner version of the last plague marine.

Nice work buddy, but do you actually consider making bigger miniatures, I know its a "miniature" but I was expecting something bigger. On the other hand, the art is amazing, I love the last one, that steampunk axe really rocks!

Hope you keep doing a great work, please upload that lord of contagion as soon as you paint it! i preffer melee weapons over guns in those miniatures. Greetings from Venezuela!

your post is very beautiful