A birthday Present for my beloved Sister

in artzone •  3 months ago


Above here is a detailed hand made portrait drawing for my lovely sister on her birthday. I put in a lot of time to produce the best portrait for her.

Below are progress shots of the drawing:




She was very excited with the drawing when she saw it and so was her friends.

If you want to surprise your loved ones and put a smile on their face with a drawing, you can let me know. It will cost you almost nothing :)

Thanks for visiting my blog

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This is quite captivating. Happy birthday to your beloved sister.
I would like to have a portrait drawing of myself like this, let me know what it will cost me in steem, I hope it won't be much.


Thank you Sir!
For a detailed drawing like the one here, I'd charge the equivalent of 10 Steem. That not too much I believe :)

This is lovely, your sister is very lucky to have such an awesome artist in her family :) I noticed you only made a little sketch with ballpoint pen, I've never seen anyone so confident with only ballpoint pen before :)


Thank you @wilnonis.
I love using ball point pens and it sure builds confidence and accuracy. I haven't used pencils and erasers in over two years.


Two years! well it definately shows, your sketch is really confident. I will follow your art journey, hope to see more ballpoint drawings! :)

Wow amigo, eres genial!
Te felicito, tus diseños son hermosos... Felicidades a tu hermana por el cumpleaños.
Te admiro, mi amigo @luxx


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This is awesome man, what kind of child under the stars is your sister? When did she enter the physical realm?


Hahahaha...thanks brother.
She has a heart so beautiful

Nicely done and happy belated birthday to your sister !


Thank you so much @rentmoney :)


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