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As an artist/musician/painter ... you're trying to provide the best artwork everytime you're creating, but it seems very interesting when it comes to the next step... the SELLING process.

I was wondering the other Days, would it be greater that Music/Art would not be associated annymore with a "job"? This was a major problem since 1945 i think when the showbizz started ( even if the term showbizz as far as i know was registered already in some papers in the year of 1850's) to promote all kind of chicks ( who would pay in annything for annything ...) to become a star ... Maybe now we are back in Time and the same concept of missleading infos are back with the same concept of " just say it/sing it/sell it" ...

I think we are assisting now in this frame of Time to the confusion where the tv/radios/social media gaved all the credits to someone, who yesterday was a waiter or a barman ( all the respect for everyone's "job") ... and today is the best in town in matter of music/art/painting ... People doesn't know annymore where's/what's their place in this World. It's the most hilarious thing regarding Art/Music ... Most of the people are considering it something for entertainment, maybe that's why everyone thinks they can play/sing on big stages like anny other professional musician, and in the same time if you're labelling the Music/Art as a job, people would laugh ... like ... "this is not a propper hard-work, it's just fun, entertainment" ... without knowing the hours of an artist ( no matter which segment on Art) that are invested by each one in practicing/deepening the knowledge in Music/Art ...

In my humble opinion, i think people nowadays have no clues about these facts of time investment of an artist in the process of creation of its artworks.

In the period of Beethoven or Mozart, they were commisioned for their creations, but i don't think they would think or consider this a "job" ... Nowadays most of the musicians are commisioning themselves to re-create "cover" music ... considering that everyone is better than the other one thru this process :-))

Hopefully everyone will find his place and will understand where's his "slice" of pizza to play/dance on this game, named Life :-) Sometimes i've wondered, how would it feel for an IT person or an engineer, that a musician would step inside their worlds without anny knowledge, only with a baggage of "you can do it, annything goes, everything is for you, all is one ... and all this crap on and on" and would take their "jobs" ... would it be perfect? Maybe ... cause today's trend is " sub-mediocrity on top of the World" :-)

Anniway ... Soon ... but not yet ... will be awesome :-)

Here are some of my pages from my new updated website.

Discography page:


Feel free and purchase one of the first 2 albums from the page, if not all of them ...

I've thought to share only one of my compositions, that can be purchased and it doesn't cost a fortune:


Maybe from now on i'll continue to post only one composition ... just from time to time ... even so ... i'm skeptic on people's interest in buying albums/singles annymore ...

Regarding some of the ethnic instruments that i'm playing, here's my page:


For those who are musicians, feel free and register here:

Choon platform:


Musicoin platform:


Thanks steemians and checkout my previous blog as well

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Much appreciated


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