Artistic profile made on bitcoin ... some funky grooves to be seen on btc

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I'm still feeling in this crypto-space that the bitcoin has not stopped his bearish-funky groove

We've seen a whole year of a dizzy groove on bitcoin and it seems that we haven't stepped out from that 11/8 funky beat measure ... I'm still having this prophecy regarding bitcoin's price, that something needs to occur, something that we haven't seen yet in matter of its way to the bearish'bottom ... i've always said that maybe it will have another major dump, arround 5000 $ or lower, 'cause if we remember very well, last year arround this period the price of bitcoin was grooving between 4400-5000 $, so it's very simple ... if you stick with Fibonacci cycles ... arround May-June 2017 the price was between 2000-3200 $ and after that we've seen a crazy run'till 21000 $ ... this time, bitcoin needs to go back and have his groove between 4400-5000 ( the 2nd number suits well in this scenario) , so bitcoin will have the power to form the cycle that will lead to near 44000 - 50000 $ arround January-February 2019 ... In this scenario the price of steem will be arround 8 - 9 $ which sounds groovie and cool ...

The major thing that might happen'with this hard bearish cycle, it will be the fact that some of the mining comapnies will shut-down their "candy-crypto-shops" for a while and there will be no more groove from that area ... this scenario will happen'if the dump will go lower than 5000 $ ... which i think would be cool to be gready ... and buy ... and of course not to forget that thru this bearish dump of bitcoin actually it's the next step to establish the honey for more % of people that hasn't stepped in this crypto world, yet ... at this moment maybe only 1% of people on Earth has stepped inside this dream ( or another dream within'a dream ... named Life) So, let's see if this bearish market will hit the tempo of carnaval between 4400-5000$ and after that to achieve more than 40000-50000 $ ... Anniway, invest in steem groovie people of steemian planet ...

Was just some groovie thought of mine

Enjoy your Day/Night .... wherever you are now steemians

Ciao a tutti

Enjoy some music of mine always in collaboration with awesome musicians

Meanwhile i will watch the Future like i've watched something sublime created in the Past :-)

Crypto-Architectonical Future

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