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Hello everyone! This week the contest is different. You guys have a chance to save Random Games. I got this idea and decided to give it a try. Everyone who's entry is accepted gets to share the prize.

Because we are trying to revive this contest, so resteeming is mandatory this week.

I want you guys to share theme ideas for the Random Games Contest. Avoid repeating themes and avoid too complex ones. I am the judge of what ideas I find useful and can use in the future Random Games. I will confirm or reject entries with replies. You can retry if any of your entries are rejected. :)

Maximum 4 (accepted) entries per person. Basically, 1 person can take a bigger cut of the reward, as I want as many ideas as possible :)

  • Resteem this post
  • Share your ideas in the comments
The prize pool is 100% SBD/STEEM from this post's payout! Everyone with accepted entry gets a cut of the reward pool.

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Inktober 3/31

Roasted (coffee)

Some surprising facts!

  • Coffee was originally a food. Coffee berries were mixed with fat to create an energy-rich snack ball. It was also consumed as a wine when made from the pulp of coffee berries.
  • Just smelling coffee can wake you up. A group of scientists reported that simply inhaling the aroma of coffee can alter the activity of some genes in the brain, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation
  • Dark roast coffees have less caffeinethan lighter roasts. Even though the flavor is often stronger, roasting actually burns off some of the caffeine.
Info Source

Thank you for checking out and participating in the contest!

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I really enjoyed the bookmark contest as it alowed such a large array of talents to come forth. Perhaps a craft basket/box competition where people can paint, weave, fold or construct their own container to enter.


Thank you for participating ^^ Sounds cool, I accept it!

I have not been here long enough to know which topics have been very good and which ones have not, but I think a fun topic would be:

  1. Make a friendship bracelet for your friend, and so people will have the opportunity to maybe talk a little about them.
  2. Make crafts to give on birthday. It is really fun to make cards or gift boxes.
  3. Teach steemit some of your favorite toys as a child or post a picture of when you were a baby.
  4. Leave the prints of your hands painted on a paper, shirt or something where it is visible. (The latter is my favorite)

Thank you for entry! :D I'm accepting the 1st proposal, but sorry not the next 3. 2nd one sounds interesting but needs more details if you want to add maybe I can accept :)
I already had a similar contest to the 3rd idea.
4th one is too messy, I wouldn't do it so I doubt there would be many entries.

I also enjoyed the bookmark challenge, @kristyglas.

Below are some ideas :

(1) How about a greetings card or postcard with an inspirational or funny message.

I have been quite busy lately and one of the many things that I need to make is for my eldest daughter. She's collected a number of metal pins (badges) of all shapes, sizes and short slogans. Some are to do with merchandise; some are just because she liked them.

She's asked me to make her a small wall hanging to keep them on display.

How about (2) designing a pin for random games or to describe yourself and (3) a wall hanging :D

I will make them anyway, but I thought others may be interested in these little challenges.


Thank you for your ideas! I like the first one and accept it. I'm not sure I understand the next 2. If you make a post please tag me or link the post here ^^ if you do it before contest end thenI might be able to accept :D


Thank you very much for the 0.3 STEEM reward, @kristyglas ! I will make that 'wall hanging' at some point so you see what I mean ... I need to stop driving around so much (today in a few local floods which was very scary !)

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Hey @kristyglas! Thank you for doing this :) I have enjoyed every Random Game that you organized, even the tougher ones like the hairstyle hehe.

I do notice that if the game is of a niche skill or area of interest, you will only get a little participation but when you had the more generic like "your collection" and "continue the story" games, it was quite a hit.

So, I am thinking maybe to have generic games that doesn't require a specific skill and is simple to participate (but not sure if you have run them before I started joining) and interlacing it with the crafty ideas shared by stanestyle, gmatthe2 and cryptocariad, for example:

  1. share your hobby
  2. share your favourite song / movie / cartoon (inspired by your cartoon post hehe)
  3. share your favourite childhood game
  4. share your favourite flower / plant / herb (inspired by your brother's garden hehe)

and share why it is your favourite, etc. When I say interlacing, I meant, 1 week generic, 1 week crafty and then back to generic and then crafty.

I like the "continue the story" game, and would love to participate in one again :) I don't mind you bringing back some of the games you have organized too (the ones that were a big hit).


Thank you for participating ^^ I'm accepting the first suggedtion, "share your hoby in details". Soory, but not the rest as the very first Random games was about sharing your interests and answering a whole list of questions which included favorite music, artists and more :)


Ok ok cool! Oh darn, I missed it :D.

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