St. John the Baptist - my bronze sculpture in Joliet, Illinois

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I so enjoyed creating this sculpture of St. John the Baptist for a Catholic church in Joliet, Illinois.

It is rare these days (for me anyway) to receive commissions for sculptures of people where the body can really be seen. St. John the Baptist lived in the desert and wore little clothing, so I got to sculpt arms, legs, shoulders - it was such a rich experience.

I had two models, one for the head and one for the body. I do not show the model for the head in this blog to preserve his identity, and have made the head of the model for the body fuzzy for the same reason. I ALWAYS use live models as working from photos or memory is too difficult.

The prototype is made of foam and plasticine clay over a welded and wire armature.

I wanted to give St. john an expression of infinite compassion; what a challenge to search for that expression in clay!

In the arms of St. John.

The finished sculpture in bronze.

St. John-and-KS.jpg

St J 3.jpg
The day of dedication.

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Impressed! Great!


Thank you @steeminer4up!

You are doing a great Job @kathleenscsrboro
See creativity in view


Thank you @joagawu, I certainly always try to do my best.

Wow, amazing art


Thank you, @bungaterakhir.

Looks really great. How long did the model have to stand like that?😱


Thank you. I think the model posed a dozen times. He would hold the pose for a half hour, then take 20 minutes rest, then start in again. Each session would last about 3 hours.

Exceptional! What an outstanding artist you are, and an amazing work of art here. Really happy to see behind the scenes of your creative process.


Thank you @cabelindsay, I greatly appreciate your support. I wonder how many people realize that a clothed figure sculpture always starts out with sculpting the body and draping it afterward.

Great, you work with sculptures too. Is your talent limitless? :)


Strangely, I was forced into sculpture fairly late in my career by client request. I went back to evening sculpture classes from the model and eventually became confident. Now I really enjoy it! Thanks for your support.


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Wow! You can remould a human being in real form mehhhn! Great work. That could be bid for millions of pounds if i am not mistaking.



Plus did you see/read @artzone comment?


Thank you @phaethy. If you know anyone who wants one, we still have the mold!


And for reminding me about the @artzone comment; I thought sure I had followed them.

Amazing! WOWOWOW! i love this <3 he looks so compassionate and empathetic and you captured such gentleness in his body language ! Great great!! <3

Thank you for sharing * ___ *



Thank you for your kind words, @veryspider.

Absolutely magnificent! More and more flabbergasted by the level of skill and artistry on Steemit. Thank you for sharing this with us!!!


You are more than welcome @twirble - so glad you enjoy my work.

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Many thanks.


Many thanks.

You are so talented I really like your work.Keep it up for an excellent work.


Thank you kindly.

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Oops! Followed. Thank you for reminding me.

I like it great


Thank you @amirhayat.

really amazing and great work...... thanks for sharing @Kathleenscarboro

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Thank you; I am delighted!