Oh, and tons of rice"

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Thingyan Almost weekend.
Everybody happy.
I know ... sleep spirit credibility issues.
Business applies to a person to undergo a caption.
Especially SME ...

Name of the business ...
The servant of the most common ...
And living in a publicly and flamboyantly
Hiding the anger of the casting office line running cart running toilet at offices to shut down Air Con
Staff left on the table leftovers, do not add a point to the Trash before business ...
If not ...
Since Myanmar SME nonpareil ...
(ကိုယ်တောင် the floor in the office today, I had to roll arm 😂)

Long weekend Thingyan is a violation of these guys have bee sticks ...
Just a weekend service is working to have face ...

Whose It is still a small staff.

Thingyan ဒို့အရေး work weekend ...
I fight with the slogan agonizingly ...

2 ... "someday"
"No 3"
"3 ..." someday
No matter how much "going down"
High return "after Thingyan"
"That would be my boyfriend ဘယ်သူပြောလဲ"
"Do not dissolve this black son to the bank."
"... by my side, Rather."

Large Corporate business is convenient to add the original staff from unknown people, but a small business looking to add momma inconvenience.
Time to learn just to call you, because there are a lot of inconvenience.

I want to appeal here staff.
Just to understand the nature of the industry said.

Some businesses can follow exactly what did work. For example, bank.
From the beginning of the year been declared the year the Bank Holiday. Natural and comfortable. Can be closed.

Some businesses close to your work is more work. For example, advertising ... Promotional Service entertainment industry ... etc.. Saturday / Sunday weekend to pay double because the client is not asking for more like.

This kind of problem with the above process, if you understand the nature of the industry track.
While some want to explain it, but this month ... CROPS asked about speaking with JD EC Labor Law.

အလုပ်ရှင်ဘက်က "hiring agreement" is not clear if ရေးထားခဲ့ do not have to be forced to say, but will not pay compensation if the offense is again present challenges.

That ...
Despite the legal right to deny an employee but people also often broken "employer-employee relationship".
The job does not change ... ဆင်းမယ်. Strict ... but I'll want to take. Will take office on the date. Personal issues too busy to take time. Suddenly quit to store ... I can not pay to mourn contract and the court did not say if it is dark ... EC tie Go to the police station. EC do not blow the Chief ...

အဲလိုတွေ done.

But mindful of the country's more than 90% want good job loss off a recession, the company shut down and upside down.
Previously, the three FDI JV cope with Diet Plan is a further twist fat is ended.
Overestimated the time when you want to cut salaries is already impossible KPI let shame and "Out of despair. ... I highly မင်းတော့ compensation might need to find another job is being sent over and threatened to" bad ထွက်စာတင် folded paper box in the car.
So လစာနည်း qualified staff.
If you want to see the year 2017 to the end ..

Unusual staff ...
This is a big business fair in order not to bite his tongue.

Large industry access to the SME, I look for hotels မှာတုန်းက work until Midnight
Why go to all the SME 7 နာရီလောက်ထိ အချိန်ပိုကြေး pillar lacking.

Please consider.
Even Corporate Economics stroke while reducing weight မခံနိုင်လို့ SME is a dying condition.

The SME sector in Burma Burma, it fell 90% higher because the majority of SME size Depression. See nearest Thingyan same. Sponsor companies can already extremely low.

On the other hand, I can not support our economic competitors quit his job at the time they plan to join the staff to establish a new business mean the risk status.

Overseas Career company recently lost immeasurably return, then I think you guys know.
How does this show highlights the work start flashing.

So ...
We apologize ...
It 's almost what you want ..
Collective bargaining power ...
If I need a moment.

Economic responsibility, look at everyone to.
The employer can not take nothing.
GDP is the staff all work hard for each business will develop
Nothing I did not think of retiring
Just to ...
To the country.


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