🎨 Awaiting the Rebirth - original painting + process

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Why we cannot see god?
When a child is resting in his mother's womb, it cannot see his mother and cannot cry for its mother to come. They both are present but cannot see each other. We are all in the womb of THAT infinite truth.


Awaiting the Rebirth, 2000-2004

Acrylic on fiberboard
21 x 21 cm / 8.27 x 8.27 in
Private collection / USA



You can see the progress slide show here: http://gric.at/gallery/bild162_m.htm

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Danke Caroline!

wonderful painting with a great quote! :x


Thank you Zhila!

So wie es vorher war, ohne frau, war auch schon Turbo - gut! :-) Wie ein Stein im Eislandschaft!


Die Frau musste her! Das Bild har Jahre auf diese Frau gewartet! :-)


Love her and thecfact she looks so earthy


Thank you!

Gorgeous painting ! The details in your pieces are always mind-blowing, @gric !! I love the rising of the soft sun (or maybe it is setting), at the far horizon. It gives the painting a melancholy feeling.


What a nice melding of organic themes. I particularly like that they're fully grown and that their womb appears to be balanced on some sort of civilization. The little pops of color are quite nice, too.

Wow, this is so amazing.
Keep it up:)

Amazing, this looks so wonderful <3
i'm out of words; the details, the composition and the idea are well the done.
A very dedicated and profesional paint :)
keep it up, please


Thanks a lot @edanya!

good painting and art very creative have a great day


Thanks tito36

Wonderful painting! As always, your work is for me a delight to look at, mysterious and surreal, emanating a magical aura like some kind of natural phenomenon, they have the ability to make me wonder, pondering about its mystery's while at the same time calmind down and remain contemplative...thank you for sharing!


Thank you @tracer-paulo for your feedback!


Your welcome!

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I missed this - great process!
upvoted resteemed shared: https://twitter.com/visionaryartcom/status/1038520857700777987
of late, you are dominating my twitter, lol

Wow... amazing work... upvoted

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