2019 Art Pieces So Far: Tap

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Happy new week my lovelies!

So, in my eagerness to develop technique and try new things this year, I decided to teach myself how to oil paint. As you know, I usually work in graphite, so with all its rules and tricks, fat over lean, colour mixing, mediums, canvas versus wood... I found my first oil painting to be quite a challenge.

I'm lucky enough that my other half is an amazing photographer, and he gave me the permission to use one of his shots as my reference for this piece.

So here's the final thing... I'll share some progress shots with you below...

Three key tips and tricks I discovered while working in this study:

  1. Make bold, considered strokes. Don't pick at the painting aimlessly, you'll just make a mess!

  2. When a layer needs to dry, let it dry! Don't keep trying to fix mistakes wet over wet- it's much easier to correct in the next layer.

  3. Step back from your work. Consider it from across the room to give you a better feel of what is and isn't working.

Here are some progress shots...

Hope you enjoyed seeing this little journey I went on!
Evie x

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Oh god is this your first one? Wow. That tap and the water looks absolutely 3D, and that cup also looks 3D although maybe the cup could have been more sharp since it is made of solid stuff and looks a bit distorted. I am not an artist at all, just said what the picture made me say, but it is so amazing, wish I could make something like this in my first attempt, I would have hanged it on the centre wall in my living room. :):)

COngrats on your curie, well deserved.

Thank you so much for your amazing comment, and I'm glad you like the piece! Yes, that cup kicked my bum 😂 it was so hard to paint. The porcelain is wavy with a wrinkled look. Definitely will take years of of practice to get that right 😁 e x

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Yeah a year of practice maybe and then you will be a competition for people out there.

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Some great tips and I know I would make a mess. I love the end result and you are learning all the time. I am glad you took yourself out of a comfort zone to learn something new as we get to learn along with you.

Thank you! Trust me, at times there it was more like I was bathing in paint than working with it- but I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to trying something different with my next piece. E x

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Hi there miss @eveningart!!


Its amazing work! Well you always stun me with all your artworks. And yes this is something different from your previous ones. And i love that you had move out from your graphite comfort zone and tried something else. This is your first time using oil in your painting and gosh! You are indeed an amazing artist, anything you hold on to works wonders. You did it once again dear friend!!

Congrats on your curie love! ❤😗

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Aw thanks sis! I've still got a lot to learn but having so much fun exploring new techniques and ideas. E x

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Yes i can see you are enjoying the new technique.. keep on using it till you become a master! Hehe i love seeimg your works..

Cheers Joey! I think the ntopaz site is really exciting and I'm looking forward to using it over the coming months. X

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Sorry I am late getting by. Your work is amazing Evie!!

Crikey- don't worry about that!! Thank you so much- glad you like it x

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Lol at Crikey

Too much British inone reply? 😂

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No is just so cute i have to read it over and over!


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Hi eveningart,

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Thank you so much! What a lovely surprise x

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Loves the magical touch. Would suggest you to check on @ntopaz good platform for art lovers.

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Thanks very much! I do look through the ntopaz tags- so much amazing work... am I right that it's for digital artists? E x

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No @eveningart it is for all kind of art, be it painting, photography, or any passion that make you go

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Amazing! Thanks for letting me know- I'll investigate further x

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Steem on....👍

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It looks so real 😍

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hi @eveningart
I must confess that I know nothing about painting, but I think it is very interesting for an artist to try different styles of work, if not different forms of art. it must be stimulating for creativity and a challenge for the hands, which I think have done a great job. do you do it for work or for passion?
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing with us

Thanks for stopping by! Yes I agree... trying different methods and styles is a great challenge and stops you from getting in a rut. I do it for passion... and for work, as in December I went self employed as artist and writer. Evie x

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fantastic, being able to work with your passion is a great piece of happiness !! congratulations and good luck

Great Job! @eveningart

As in first trial you nailed it. I like the tip about mistakes can be fixed afterwards. Nothing is better then that.

As I can recall, whenever I did such sketch I was keep correcting it until I got satisfied. 😉

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That's what is so very different to my pencil work... with oil painting there are almost endless opportunities to correct. Pencil, you have to nail it fairly fast. So glad you like it! E x

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Keep up the great work!


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The final thing looks like a photo!!!! unbelievable Evie!!!!


unbeliEVable ;) hehehehe i like that ;)

i'm so impressed that you could just DECIDE to try something new and there it is! amazing!!! :) I'm so proud of you - and Congrats on the Curie!!!!!

Thanks so much Dreemiepie!! It was a case of forcing my brain to behave differently... sometimes it worked... sometimes not so much!

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