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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful indigene named Moema, who belonged to the Tupinambás tribe, a people who lived in Brazil in the 16th century. One day, a shipwrecked sailor appeared there. He came from Europe and was called Diogo. He quickly won the trust of the tribe and also the heart of Moema. They were both in love and enjoyed great happiness. The story could end there and have a happy ending, but this is not what happens. Some time after meeting Moema, Diogo meets Paraguaçu, who lived in a neighboring tribe. He falls in love with her and, well... you can imagine what happens: he leaves Moema. When a ship appears there, and Diogo has the opportunity to return home, he takes with him the new beloved, Paraguaçu. Seeing the ship leaving, Moema tries to swim to reach him, shouting the name of Diogo while the boat disappears on the horizon. Defeated by love and by sea, the beautiful indigene gives herself to death and she drowns. This story is based on the epic poem Caramuru, written in 1781 by Frei de Santa Rita Durão. Victor Meirelles (1832-1903), who besides being a painter was a beloved teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, painted the scene of what would have happened to Moema after the end of the story” her body lifeless on the same beach where she saw Diogo by the first time. It is an idealized portrait of the mythical nature of the first inhabitants of Brazil. 


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

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