Frequency Modulation

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Here is an original image that I used for creating artwork from my previous post:
This is a version after a Photoshop manipulation:


And this is an original pencil drawing:

frequency modulation copyx.jpg

I am all about the flow and the curves! And riding the waves of an acceleration~;)
My art is very often a study of the flow of the subtle energies, unveiling the mechanics of manifestation into the physical realm. It is a glance into the higher forces at work, where everything is in a constant movement. And this is the way you should be looking at it, as if nothing here is stagnant or solid.
As you ride these curves with your awareness you can resonate with the higher frequencies.

frequency modulation copyx1.jpg

At first, I learned about art nouveau from nature and music, and then I found out about it in the art history classes.
I have met my current partner because we resonated with the flow of the curves in our arts;)

frequency modulation copyx2.jpg

Journey with my creativity is all about learning of how to allow myself to trust the flow, it's higher intelligence, moving with it in surrender, becoming a pure vessel for it, so it can move without obstruction...
Here, after an intention set, I have to step away with my ego, so I can express from much deeper aspects of myself.
On the way there we have to face many patterns in our minds that might be standing in our way. It's a constant evolution, and our art will be always a clear mirror.
That's how we grow beyond, by first facing and embracing what is.

frequency modulation copyx3.jpg


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