Twirble Tuesdays; Steemit your excellence is showing.

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This week I am focusing on excellence; period. I will be sharing my favorite art; highly rewarded or not; on the #artzone tag; but only voting on pieces making less than 5 SBD when I discover them.

My stint with the #artzone weekly thread will not last for ever; but I will keep campaigning to share how talented the people on steemit are and how much we are loosing out on by not looking. The first group is pieces not making much when I found them; get out there and vote and curate for these guys we need to encourage our artists to help keep Steemit great.

Starting off we have this beautiful digital painting and WIP by @oscurity The ethereal landscape, the lone figure and the soft pastels remind me of old lost feelings of mountains and myths, of sunsets in the mist.

@sanderjansenart will always be one of my favorites; I love his repetition of forms and weirdness that creates a riddle for the eye and spleen.

Please give some attention to this wondrous collaboration between @veryspider and @scrawly
This artistic achievement deserves more than 3.48 sbd; thank you.

This watercolor by @arcoiris also utilizes repetition as well as color and layers of various intensity to create a sense of movement and feeling. Such a dynamic image; bravo.

For something a bit different' check out @r213 's amazing tattoo art on his page. I went through all of his tagged worked from this week; and chose this none for the fine delicate work and simple yet striking composition; but all of his work is amazing; please check him out and vote for his underappreciated works if you have time.

This mural by @kathleenscarboro is breathtaking. It is also five days old and making under 2 sbd so show your appreciation while you can.

@dabird posts so infrequently it is easy to miss him; thankful I did not today. His work has a creativity and energy that is all his own; and I am inspired by how intuitively he can work combining digital and manual work. You can see some of his process in the link below.

Another week; another magnificent drawing by @korede-arts. Look closely at the gorgeous realness he creates with just a ballpoint pen. Blown away every time I see his work.

Transfixed by @jecminek's musical abstract work.

These next pieces are already highly rewarded but I feel a need to share them as further examples of excellence on Steemit.

This older piece by @gric envelopes the soul.

This piece by @montiljo is full of such wild transcendent energy. He shows process images as well in the link below.
ARIA oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm 2018.jpg

Not only highly rewarded; but 6 days old; this piece by @haedre is such an affecting and strong image, I love how creatively he uses a limited palette; creating subtle effects on the eye and mind that can only be achieved by long practice and study.

I have to share this example of beautiful, original, eye catching design by @donnadavisart sept6coffeewitch.jpg

@twirble signing off. Keep being brilliant steemit!

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Nice! THanks for including my art in the list! And I could discover new artists and posts I had missed, especially @scrawly & @veryspider's and @sanderjansenart's.

Thanks @twirble =)


Thanks @haedre! Well it was a new post but I think you missed the (collaboration) one that gave me a curie 2 days ago ;)

Honored to be included in this feature with your stunning art.


I saw that piece and how could I not? I discover most artists from other artists feeds myself.

Wow I'm honored to be among those great artists! Happy to hear I'm one of your favorites :)

Thank you for the support!


How could you not be with all your eyeballs and your genius weird stuffs.


Aww you made me blush :D

Oh Gosh.....these works are incredible. I dont even know the one to rate first
Danm I still gat a lomg way to go.


While we all have new things to try and goal posts we have not reached yet, your work is next level when it comes to realistic detail. Your piece we shared here last week is just brilliant. I see you finally finished it; bravo!


Yeah you are right. We have a lot of things to try on. Art is so versatile that no artist can know everything.

Thank you for appreciating the style of my work. Am almost done with the drawing. Will be dropping it soon.


I admire your focus and dedication, so much genius you can create with a ballpoint pen. I see your work in museums one day.

So many amazing artists on steemit! We should have a steem art fair or art market in the future. I’m sure it will happen.


There have been a few events; all to far away for me to go to but perhaps one day.

Lots of fun stuff. Thank you for including me.


Hard not to, your work always blows my mind.

I love you @twirble and want to keep you around, we need you and will find a way! ;-)


Awww, shucks. Thank you. Someday I want to create a virtual exhibit of steemian art like I have my own.

Thank you @twirble. I am honoured to be included as part of your art curation :D.
You did a great job at #artzone, I appreciate your hard work.


Your welcome. And thank you for your hard work creating great work for the community.

amazing work... hey @artzone whats your discord? i'd like to flow with you about some ideas to merge cultures..


Just joined... Whats your numbers?

Those are amazing illustrations.

Really awesome art 🎨 my dear friend artzone

Hmmm, beautiful collection of work. The first painting by oscurity is so dreamy & majestic !