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@cityofstars is here to curate best artzonians members ;)
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New Song (Welcome to) the Kingdom of Mr.D from the upcoming album "I am He who rides the Pale Horse"

By @ravenking13

Larger Than Life by Ed Privat & MaDe aka Jeff Leinwand & D-VINE

By @edprivat

Demos for Days 95 | own world

By @lefthouse

! WARNING ! Aleister - Illuminati - Music production from 2009 || Noise without mastering

By @aleister

Why Monkey - Night in June

By @whymonkey

Quote Of The Day

There ِِAre Young People Crushed By Life Until Their Only Goal Is To Die With Honor

Thank You @aleister For Giving This Logo Some Life
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Woah, super super thanks for curating my track among these other awesome pieces!!

That quote of the day hits home hard. 🔥

Thanks for the shout out ! Peace out!