I wrote oil painting.I want to spend all my time on this occupation😍

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Hello friends! I wrote oil painting.I want to spend all my time on this occupation😍
Seryos painting is in full swing. I paint this picture with oil. If you notice, recently I started painting pictures with aquila. Because the oil pains my head. More precisely, from the solvent, the solvent so stinks that the head already hurts.

There is one more minute in the mache - this is what butter is drying for 3 days. Well, of course then the acrylic goes +, because the acrylic paint dries 10 minutes.

I used to dilute oil paints with sunflower oil

Thus, each layer of the oil painting dries two weeks

But generally does not smell, and then the head does not hurt.

I bought a solvent here, because it's quicker to dry up, otherwise I will paint for a year.
how to paint oil paintings
Follow the rules:Write a "live" portrait;Feel the creative process with all your heart;To make your brush create a small miracle;Today I want to tell you about how I paint oil paintings. For example, my picture is "Bright Woman". In this portrait I wanted to show you how harmoniously my inner world and spiritual beauty are harmoniously combined!
We can not describe how the great masters of the past performed their oil paintings, but, undoubtedly, all well-preserved works were performed on the basis of a certain calculation and appearance of the picture at the time of its completion and the further life of the picture. If you examine them.
The first layer is a brown color, the second color is a blue paint, this does not mean that the artist wanted to make this place brown, and then changed his mind and turned it into blue. This brown paint is part of the painting created by the artist.
Many wonderful works have died from careless handling of the author with the material. Unforeseen changes, the use of black soil, harmful paints, asphalt or carmine and other mistakes made by craftsmen over time have shown their harmful effect, and we can learn a lot from the achievements and mistakes of the masters of painting.
In general, the process of performing oil painting, calculated for a more or less long time, boils down to the following.
Oil paintings do not draw they write

Writing oil paintings is getting pleasure. It is noteworthy that oil paintings do not paint, but they write. Painting - to write with a living nature, in this case an art brush plays the role of a pen or pen, and the canvas serves instead of paper.
For today's lesson you will need: canvas or art paperboard; oil paints; brush, palette knife; varnish.
Oil paints are a mixture of dry pigment and liquid. In oil paints, the pigment is mixed with linseed oil. Flaxseed oil is an oil that dries out during the oxidation process with air. It absorbs oxygen from the air and constantly crystallizes the pigment of the paint. When the oil dries, it can not be removed.
Oil paints are thick. They are produced in pipes. Paints are squeezed out on a palette and mixed with a palette knife to create new shades.
Dry oil paints are very slow. Normally you need to wait three days before putting the next layer.
With paint, you can work up to 12 hours in a row, after which you must leave the work to dry for three days, after which you can continue to work. When the colors are dry, new colors can be applied over the top. There can be many layers in the work.

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Wow. Really Excellent art 🎨 ..


many thanks))

I like your painting very much and very good explain how you do it nicely,
u r really a good artist ❤

No you don't. computers don't have feelings.

Me too... I love to paint with oils.

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